Calming Choices This is a social story my students have to read if behaviors cause them to miss recess. Calming Down I feel Sad Do you know individuals who have begun stealing or steal often, and need an extra explanation and visual to discuss the significance and consequences of stealing? !This story has been updated with a clearer story structure and additional support materials!Is hitting a problem in your classroom? Af, 48 Social StoriesBundle 3 includes ALL 4 Volumes of my social storiesSocial stories are a very visual and concrete way to teach students social skills and behavior expectations. Updated: September 2019!! All of my social stories are written in “kid friendly language” and stories that I have personall, This series is inspired in the Mexican version of an ancient game called "Snakes and ladders". They can be positive or negative. HOW MUCH TIME WILL I NEED? It is available as a Microsoft Word documen, This 13 page social story addresses respecting other people's personal space. It can be also combined with my "good and bad behaviors", The story states one of the most important rules at school: a student cannot walk out or run out of the classroom without permission from the classroom teacher, a different teacher, or a substitute teacher. Good or positive consequences are given for doing the right thing. This is a 6-page story with color pictures and simple phrases to engage your youngest students or your older students with autism or other deve, This 13 page social story addresses spitting at others. The stories included are: In m, This is a collection of 7 social stories about common problems related to anger, emotions, and social skills. Anger management and poor impulse control begins with self-awareness, following with the introduction and practice of coping skills. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at socially reinforced when he or she initiates these alternative responses. 4. Social Stories are so amazing at teaching social skills!Social Stories are perfect for reinforcing appropriate social skills in regular education students, students with autism, and students with ADHD. Each page of text is paired with visuals to help visual le 2. This product contains the cute Rescue Dogs' Powerpoint -, A social story to encourage children to make good choices with their behavior but also explaining that if they make poor choices for whatever reason then they must accept the consequence of that.The point of a social story is to use a patient and reassuring tone to teach children about social situat. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? The story explains the three steps to accept consequences and give rationales for each step. 1. It was used in the 70s, 80s and 90s to both entertain and educate kids that all actions whether good or bad, can have their rewards or punishments. This social story introduces the concept of consequences and the steps on how to accept consequences as stated in the Boys Town Social Skills Model. His anger is shown in both his physical sensations and his actions. The illustrations throughout the story make it more interesting to students and helpful for students at many academic levels. 7. The o, This is a social story geared toward students with Autism or other special needs. A social story about accepting consequences. Each page of text is paired with visuals to help visual le, Behavior Management - Less than a $1.75 when purchased in my Rescue Dogs' Series Mega-Bundle. 6. Intervention 4: Directly socially reinforce the stu-dent for appr opriately accepting the con se quenc es of behavior. This tool is effective for both young and old general education stu. 5. Reported resources will be reviewed by our team. It highlights the fact that the consequences of our actions can have good and negative outcomes. This social story focuses on a problem many young children face-hitting. Rescue Dog's Series Mega Bundle Social SkillsHere's a social skill/story from my popular Rescue Dogs' Series: Accepting Criticism and Consequences. Some children may use physical aggression but might not know about the consequences of their actions or other choices that they can make. As the school year starts, I choose topics that are likely to be relevant, such as fire drills, bathroom expectations or walking in the hallway. This social story explains that actions have consequences and what consequences are. This resource explains the concept of personal space and social expectations surrounding personal space as well social consequences of not respecting other's personal space. This product includes a sweet story of a shark that becomes angry when things do not go his way. This resource contains 2 versions of the PDF; one which allows you to read book online and utilize electronically. The illustrations throughout the story make it more interesting to students and helpful for students at many academic levels. When I’m Upset or FrustratedConsequences can be good and bad. Don't forget to follow my by clicking the green star at the top of my page to be the first to know about new resources and freebies! This social story uses visual aids to help students visualize good choices and b, Do you have students or children who have difficulty with stealing? An example of this might be earning an extra r. This is a social story about what happens when you hit someone. It provides real world examples of accepting criticism or conseq. The story explains the three steps to accept consequences and give rationales for each step. It begins by teaching that hitting can hurt others and make them sad. This is a single use classroom download. Full page and half page social story versions, Color and black and white printer friendly versions, Activity included to check to understanding. This is a great social story for students who need a reminder that actions have consequences. It also discusses how to keep hands to self and how friends and teachers will feel in both situations! Please see my store for additional licenses. I love using social stories for students to help them rem, Social Story Accepting Criticism & Consequences Rescue Dogs' Series SPED/ELL, Social Story - Bad Choices Have a Consequence - Autism, PBIS/Boystown Accepting Criticism/Consequences Social Story, My Actions Have Consequences Social Story, Social Story - Frustrated/Upset (hit/run) Consequences + & -, Anger Signs & Coping Skills: THE ANGRY SHARK SOCIAL STORY 4 Behavior Management, Social Story Bundle 3: Volume 1, 2, 3, and 4 {48 Social Stories}, Social Stories for Students with Autism: Anger and Emotions, I Respect People's Personal Space Social Story (Distance Learning Compatible), Nice Words at School Story - A Social Story about Curse Words, I Will Not Spit At Others Social Story (Distance Learning Compatible), No Hitting Social Story for Student with Autism and Special Needs, Stealing Monitor: Tool to Discuss the Consequences of Theft - Distance Learning, Autism Visual Monitor MEGA Bundle: Teach Appropriate Behavior- Distance Learning, The Complete Bundle of Social Skills and Stories from The Deane's List, Distance Learning It is OK to Make Mistakes (A Social Story), S&L SET 1 Kids clip art: Actions and consequences, Running Away Is Not Ok!- Classroom Behavior Social Story, Social Skills and Social Stories | Student Created | Draw Your Own Plan.


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