Granted I would never recommend a non-climber try it on their own. I did not start on the right side at the base, and found a few moves about 40 feet up to be kind of insecure and comitting, especially in approach shoes. You can bail off to the right in many spots. the comments on mountainproject are actually very useful: The easier routes do not summit and the two summits, the Pullman Car and the South Block, both sit above the east face on impressive walls. Here's the thing - yes, some people literally run up the flatirons in sneakers. Gauteng – Pretoria The most popular route, Freeway, is named for it’s meandering style of climbing across the face, where every hold and feature is climbable. Approach: Update: Approach Time: Update: Latitude, Longitude: Update: Access Issues: Update: Rock Type: Sandstone: Type of Climbing: Bouldering: Sun Aspect: Update: Routes. Gauteng – Johannesburg The second flatiron is probably the best to start off with IMO. It is more broken and for the most part lower angle then the other large formations so it doesn't see nearly as much traffic as the first or third. If all else fails, we'll probably just end up bouldering at the base of the flatirons lol. He reached out to Climbing to tell his story after listening to our interview with Anton Krupicka, who discovered him after the fall and called for rescue. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Climb ZA.This website is created & maintained by gorilla website development. That being said, other than the first 100 ft, if you merely slip (instead of tumble) and land flat on your whole body I bet that friction alone will stop you from falling. As u/AlexanderHBlum says, the info online suggests it's barely more than scrambling.. it's 5. nothin. and there were also moments of "I need to be careful not to mess this up." I'm a 5.10 climber and had never laid eyes on the flatirons up close before I went to solo the second. Do you get psyched out easily? my 2cents: soloing is dangerous, so consider the risks and rewards carefully. I've been heavily researching the easiest solo and it seems Freeway on the 2nd is a popular answer. You will go almost as high as the shoulder between the 2nd and 1st buy not quite. At least try to find someone that knows the path of least resistance that you can follow up. Western Cape – Montagu They will tell you it's 5.nothing, or "no big deal." You down scramble to the descent trail before the top. soloing any of the 1st 3 flatirons is pretty easy, but the 2nd is definitely the easiest by a long shot. The flatirons are slabs and require lots of friction moves. The first time I did it (many years ago), I had no idea where I was going and ended up in the scariest choss-gully in the world (I'm still not sure how I did that). no way this is true... you have (almost) no experience climbing outdoors, haven't climbed a route in months and it was top roping and you are asking advice on soloing a route you don't know??? shoutout to all the people in this thread who have never climbed the 2nd but offering expert opinions anyways. Western Cape – Rocklands I went with two girls who had soloed it multiple times before, and I was extremely grateful for the beta in those first ~150 feet and at the very top. The Second Flatiron is one of the largest of the Flatirons above Boulder. The toughest spot is probably about 60 feet or so up (there is also a jump you need to make about 2/3 of the way up, but its not bad) and then its a cruise the rest of the way. On Thursday, November 26, 2020 at approximately 08:39 a.m., the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a 16-year-old male from Fredrick, Colorado who had injured his ankle while hiking with friends near the base of the Second Flatiron. All rights reserved. Heels down. But any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated, or if anyone's free next Monday, feel free to hit me up. His injuries were extensive. Very cool to be ... Justin Lawson: Thanks Wes, see above I've included your video he... Wes: Here is me in my fat days doing the crux move. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Know yourself. the 2nd flatiron is barely a route, there is really only one class five move. There is a jump downward near the end thats eye opening, but not that bad. Boulder County Sheriff's Office say they rescued a Frederick 16-year-old from the base of the Second Flatiron Thursday morning. At least try to find someone that knows the path of least resistance that you can follow up. Eish. A new guide by Jason Haas, Climbing Boulder's Flatirons, is now in the second edition (2017).


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