Though originally from Florida, he married a Canadian (who is also a vet!) The advantages for the pet owner are less stress to their loved ones, less risk of disease transmission and convenience for having more than one pet … "I am not certified for CPR but I would do it anyway. Training to become a veterinarian takes almost as much time as becoming a human doctor, and it's just as involved. Both careers are rewarding because they often make us and our pets healthier and in many cases, save lives. In order to become a veterinarian, completion of … We had three techs, one who called 911 and stayed on the phone, another (who) got the anesthesia machine for oxygen. 1. A mobile vet can operate as low as $3000 for a box in an SUV to around $250,000 for a fully equipped custom built chassis. All doctors, MDs, DOs, DDs, ODs, DVMs (many others) all study anatomy and physiology of, human and animal subjects, take their exams and get licensed for their particular area of expertise. For a vet, examination and comparison with their knowledge and experience is the only way they can treat their patients. Same for the other vet… A Doctor of Vet medicine has many, many subjects (with variations). However, as to your question as to whether a vet can perform procedures on a human, the answer is YES! An animal doctor is a veterinarian who performs health checks, diagnoses, and treats any type of animal. Vets also have to be able to thoroughly examine their patient while keeping themselves and their staff safe. Strangely enough, the role of a doctor is overseen by their own professional body, the GMC, and not necessarily mandated by statute law, and, in effect, the GMC is essentially just an insurance guarantor should a claim be made against a doctor for malpractice etc. "Another doctor and I started CPR," Madsen said. and they share their home with 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 horses and a pet rat named Sherman. Human doctors are usually able to get a few words out of a patient. Veterinarians and doctors both provide medical care for patients – whether they’re human, feathered, four-legged or have scales. You can find more of his writing at or see what else he is up to on Facebook & Instagram. I didn't even think about repercussions. A Medical Doctor has 2 basic subjects to learn (with variations). Ryan is also a regular guest writer for the Ontario SPCA blog.


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