Online shipping made easy - trust the speed … Ship your packages via DHL Express or FedEx or USPS. The words "Gift Shipment" or "Unsolicited Gift" are included on the commercial invoice (. If you select … Postage to Germany. The amount of this tax you are charged varies depending on what you are shipping, how much it is worth, and if you are planning to resell it. We will consolidate and forward your packages anywhere in Germany directly to your door! This is the simplest and quickest option. And as a founding member of the European Union (EU), the country plays a vital role in the political might of the EU. Foodstuffs with a small amount of milk, for e.g. They are of a small number that represent the product. it cannot be mistaken for a commercial quantity. Our staff will notify you as soon as we receive any packages. A COO proves that an item has been produced, manufactured or processed in Canada. Serial/Product number must be indicated under the Detailed Description of Goods section on the commercial invoice. Calculate Time and Cost. Some examples of acceptable paperwork include receipts, warranties and insurance documents. We make shipping internationally much easier, handling everything for you, from customs form to packaging your shipment for worldwide shipping to Germany. Due to the increase in demand, businesses are putting a great deal of pressure on shipping to Germany. (, List the items in the parcel and write the value of each. For Germany, tax is payable on shipments with a value over Sources: NOTE: You should be aware that shipping using this method doesn't guarantee that your items will be imported duty/tax free. However, certain goods attract other taxes which will be payable before the package can be delivered. Animal products, including milk and cheeses. It has the largest economy - over $4 trillion USD (2019), produces and exports a wide range of goods - autos, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, computer and electrical equipment, and hosts the world's largest trade fairs. Germany is known for its rolling hills and amazing breakthroughs in engineering and science. ATA Carnet. items you sold on eBay), there isn't too much you need to do. We provide worldwide freight services through various carriers around the world. with a lease agreement. The sources of information on this page come directly from the German Customs Pages, the European Union, and number of other government sources. important to consult a licensed broker in Germany before shipping any goods. Wrap and tag each one individually. typically CANNOT clear goods of temporary nature). In addition to declaring your commercial invoice as a temporary import, you can get an ATA Carnet for the items that are of temporary nature. Words "Unsolicited Gift: Consolidated Gift Package" appear in General Description of Goods as well as the Detailed description of goods If the parcel contains copies of one document, then the total weight of the parcel can be no more than 1 kg. Customs delays can turn an overnight package into a week late delivery. You can find your US address in your account dashboard. number. termination of a lease, or a statement from your employer that you are transferring to Germany. German authorities may ask you for documents that verify the goods belong to you. below. Commercial Invoice clearly stating 'Temporary Import' including the return date or original export date. Overview. If you exceed these restrictions, then tax and duty becomes payable. Germany is the economic leader amongst the 28 nations of the European Union. Your Customs broker can clear goods of a temporary nature (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. Our shipping services to Germany are growing every day. Here's an abbreviated list of items that are prohibited or restricted from shipping to Germany. ensure that anything of temporary nature is not charged duties and taxes. Sources: here Otherwise, Advertising items include: Advertising material may enter Germany duty free as long as they are for: The advertising material must follow the criteria below: Sources: Banks may request a certificate of insurance when providing letters of credit for the goods. Here is a list of the most common types of shipments: You can also skip ahead to the table containing the list of Commonly Required Documents. ), Sources: Shipping to Germany provides a gateway to the other 27 nations of the EU, which is now easier and less expensive than ever since the signing of the Canada-EU free trade deal (CETA). Household goods such as shoes, clothing and linens (these items may be new). Whether you are an everyday shopper or a business, Provide a detailed description of the goods on the Commercial Invoice (in order to avoid customs delays). Banks may request a certificate of insurance when providing letters of credit for the goods. More economical services, such as Canada Post, can take up to 2 months to complete the delivery. The goods are for personal use or consumption of the receiver or his/her family. Secureship provides safe and affordable shipping from Canada to Germany. Here are some items that cannot be insured by the carrier: For more information, please see the carrier's terms and conditions. © 2019 ShipW LLC. biscuits, creamy candies, chocolates. here. Commercial Invoice The exporter, importer and transport company, Net weight, gross weight and measurements of each package, Material with violent and anti-democratic messages, Material that depicts violence or disparages symbols of the German state or government. Perfumes (50 g perfume or 250 mL eau de toilette), A commercial invoice must be included with your shipment, The words 'Gift Shipment' or 'Unsolicited Gift' are included on the commercial invoice, even if the shipment is sent at Christmas time Inward processing means goods from outside the EU brought into the EU to have work done on them, such as repairs. Express shipping to Germany at the lowest prices. it is generally your choice whether to purchase insurance for the shipment. There are restrictions on what can be shipped duty-free. more information here: Provide the origin, destination, and weight of your shipment to compare service details then sort your results by time or cost to find the most cost-effective shipping service. Serial or product number and the cost of repairs should be indicated under the Detailed Description of Goods section. Your guide to shipping to Germany. Temporary importation of certain goods into Germany, without incurring duties or taxes, is allowed for a period of up to 24 months. . When sending equipment to Germany for repair, include the following information on the parcel: If your product has been repaired in Canada and is being returned back to Germany, ensure to do the following: Be sure to write the necessary information on the commercial invoice according to the document checklist below. That depends on a combination of factors like what you are shipping and how quickly it needs to get shipped to Germany. You will need to: NOTE: An Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number is NOT needed if you are shipping as a private individual. All Rights reserved. in commercial stores, are not allowed.


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