Even the picky eater!! Accidentally threw it out once and the parties were very blah.......and I add one egg, SR flour and salt and pepper :). I buy boneless and skinless salmon.. Natalie Gonzalez, It's a rue, butter flower and milk and salt and pepper just like for soup then add peas, once you know how you can make your one cream of what ever soup . But always forget. I also use self rising flour as a binder instead of cornmeal. Wash hands thoroughly. Anyway, they're a good source of calcium so eat 'em. Me too! its milder tasting . We usually have white creamed peas with our salmon patties too AND friend potatoes with onions! And we like it this way. Reading them was like taking a visit to your kitchens. Before frying, fill a small saucepan with water and 1/4 cup of white distilled vinegar. I love the idea of adding minced green onions, dill, garlic powder & frying in olive oil. THEN I discovered I had no sweet taters. I made some to night they are really good with fried potatoes and corn bread. Your recipe sounds just like the one my dad made when I was a little girl. Our daughter and family do not like them--they love grilled salmon, but don't like these patties! Would love to have it. Never seen it like this. I've been eating "samon" patties all my life. I also crush the bones for the calcium content. I had just bought a can the other day to make some !!!! Years ago when my daughter became diabetic I started baking them instead of frying. These salmon patties are savory and delicious. Always a real treat. I'll have to try the Old Bay, that sounds good. Visualize doing each step which will help you avoid missing a step. Do you put the corn meal IN the mixture. Salmon & gravy!! Love the flavor! Gives it a very good flavor and is one of my husband's favorite meals served with grits and biscuits! I like the idea of cracker crumbs. Open canned salmon. They are crispy and delicious. Add a side of moist Jiffy Cornbread to your table along with the Southern Salmon Patties, as well as some Crock Pot corn on the cob and oven baked potato wedges. However, I do sometimes wonder why they are looking at a recipe for something they seem to think they already know the only tried and true way to prepare ...lol. YUMMY!!! I'm making these tonight! Sides will be fried potatoes, Hollindaze sauce & a spinach salad. I manage a home for developmentally disabled women. Cornmeal is something we started adding just in the last few years. This is my recipe and the way I have made them for years and while it might not be the way you make them, it is the way we do and the way we like them. I use a slice of wheat bread, crumbled, with a small,chopped onion. According to Berkeley Wellness, almost all canned salmon is wild caught, but not all of it is wild caught. I also make a salmon loaf that is really good. Offering up a variation without judgment....that's ok! Add crumbled patty and season to taste...yummy! My dear aunt likes to make them for breakfast. My mom always used Jack mackerel because it was so cheap and flour and egg sometimes she would add onions. Add hot biscuits and this is a meal fit for royalty. This is really good with a white sauce and peas topping! There is a little restaurant near us that has a couple of daily specials and during Lent their Friday specials are salmon patties or fried catfish. It starts with knowing how to read a recipe’s ingredients, follow the instructions, prep ingredients, and knowing what equipment to use. Soooooo good!!!! we had Salmon patties, spinach, and mac & cheese. Stir into salmon mixture. Except for the cornmeal, this is how my mom makes it. There are many variations of cooking salmon patties.....I'm sure all are very tasty! My mother was not known for her cooking and she would often put minimal effort into it. My Mom always called them salmon croquettes too and my grandma called them fish cakes but whatever they are called I love them and I'm going to try this recipe as I have always made them with flour not crackers or cornmeal so I'm excited to try this new to me recipe! My mom accidentally added a few graham crackers in with the saltines once & now I don't want mine any other way!!! I’m going to certainly try this recipe. Love this blog. Form into small patties and fry until golden brown (about 5 minutes) in hot Crisco. I made them last night after reading your recipe. My husband requests it whenever I make fried potatoes. Got it from my mother. Living in AK for 15 yrs, we canned our own salmon. I have made salmon patties for thirty+ yrs and grew up on them. Do you happen to have a recipe? This is the recipe my mother has used for years and taught me a long time ago. People say you can't fry using olive oil, but it's all I ever use!!! Thanks for sharing :). I also use Tuna or Mackrel when i cant afford Salmon. it will thicken as it heats. Please don't mess it up with all of the junk people are suggesting to add in. Rheumatoid arthritis has disfigured my aunt’s fingers (and toes). Thanks for sharing your recipe. I don't take most folk's constructive remarks personally and don't mind them really. If “product of Thailand” or another foreign country is written on the label of a can of salmon, that means the fish was caught in the U.S., shipped across the world, processed, and shipped back to the states for sale. I add a little Old Bay. Love Salomon patties gonna fix some tommorow. Oh how I miss her! Roll in cornmeal again if necessary, then fry. try a fresh little twist by adding cilantro and green onion. I cannot say that about all recipes posted on the internet, because I have tried some that I am almost sure were not tested. Some people just mix all of the skin and the little soft bones into the patties, but I prefer not to do that. Salmon patties, tomatoe gravy, hot biscuits, one of my supper memories of my mom. I love salmon patties, haven't had homemade in years. I made these a few minutes ago, and may I say yum! Also with cornbread and raw onion on the side. I was thinking about the old bay cause I know that is goes in crab cakes going to try it in my salmon cakes had not thought of onion powder going to try that also... Yes,I add lemon juice and chopped onions too. Both for CornbreadMillionaire.com. Making them tonight! I love the fact you are sharing your recipe. Everyone loves these, because they bring back sweet memories. My Mama had always taken them out. It’s the perfect way to get organized and avoid missing an ingredient or missing a step in the instructions. That's what my Momma always made with salmon patties when I was a kid some 50+ years ago.... YUM! I don't put cornmeal in mine and use bread crumbs instead of cracker crumbs. I have enjoyed reading all the different ways of fixing the Salmon Cakes. Which is correct? A mighty long way for food to travel. I was hooked after the first bite and asked for the recipe.


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