We don’t have a custom of performing sacramental ceremonies. Dress comfortably. Everyone is known by God and can know God in a direct relationship. [back to top], What should I wear to Quaker meeting? It sounds like Quakers can believe anything they like—is that so? Friends General Conference 1216 Arch St, #2B Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-561-1700. Someone will signal the close of worship by shaking hands with another person, then everyone shakes hands with those seated nearby. [back to top]. Do Quakers own Quaker Oats? For more on why not, see the QuakerSpeak video "Form without Substance." For more on Quaker pacifism, see the QuakerSpeak video The End of Violence? Quaker worship is based on silent waiting, where we expect to come into the presence of God. Quakers do not celebrate Christian festivals such as Easter and Christmas. Quakers try to live and act in ways that are consistent with the divine harmony that we seek in worship. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Worship Quaker communal worship consists of silent waiting, with participants contributing as … The Quaker way has deep Christian roots that form our … What do Quakers believe? no they don't. Such messages may be offered several times during a meeting for worship, or the whole period of worship may be silent. As well, holy days (or holidays) were not celebrated at all. Many Quakers consider themselves Christian, and some do not. Some of the Quaker branches have their own “umbrella organizations,” including Friends General Conference (that's us), Friends United Meeting, and Evangelical Friends Church International. Why are you called “Quakers”? Are Quakers Christian? Do Quakers celebrate birthdays? Some Quakers have little interest in the Bible. How do Quakers practice baptism and communion? Worshiping together in silence is a way for a community to be brought together in love and faithfulness. We are supposed to celebrate our relationship to God in every aspect of our lives every day, not on special days set aside from our busy lives. Can I attend Quaker meeting? A few of the better known examples in the United States include:  American Friends Service Committee (which puts Quaker values into action by operating service, development, and peace programs throughout the world), Friends Committee on National Legislation (which lobbies on behalf of Quaker values), Friends Council on Education (which works in support of Friends schools), and a great many others, including schools and colleges, peace and justice programs, retreat centers, services for the aging, and more. [back to top], What are Quaker testimonies? Unless otherwise noted the FGC Website by Friends General Conference is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. What does the pastor do? This description of Quakers best describes the branch of Quakers associated with Friends General Conference. We believe that every person is loved and guided by God. You could say that it is everywhere and nowhere. Of all of the Protestant Christian denominations, that of Quakers is probably set apart the most. The Quaker way has deep Christian roots that form our understanding of God, our faith, and our practices. We are called to attend to this relationship and to be guided by it. Most states make some kind of special allowance for legalizing a Quaker wedding when there is no pastor to “officiate.” [back to top], How do Quakers celebrate Christmas? Is it ok to eat a frozen turkey with black spots on it? Some commonly recognized testimonies include peace, integrity, equality, simplicity, community, and care for the earth. They are valued as a source of wisdom that has been sacred to many generations. The Bible is a book close to the hearts of many Friends. Religion is about community. How do Quaker meetings make decisions? Many Quakers today draw spiritual nourishment from our Christian roots and strive to follow the example of Jesus. How do Quakers practice baptism and communion? It began during a period of much religious upheaval in England during the mid-1600s, as people questioned the established church and sought new ways to understand Christianity. You are welcome to join us for worship as you are! Please answer these questions, and please don't put anything offensive. Friends, as they call themselves, believe in the Trinity of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit like other Christians, but the roles that each person plays varies widely among Quakers. In other parts of the world, unprogrammed Friends (who practice silent worship and don’t have pastors) are most common in Europe and in former colonies of Britain; programmed Friends (with prepared worship services and pastors) are most common in Africa and South America. You are welcome to attend Quaker worship. Everyone is known by God and can know God in a direct relationship. Quakers have evolved and diverged into several difference varieties over our three and one-half centuries. Neither do they celebrate Thanksgiving, birthdays, Valentines Day, etc. this one time i went over my good friends house Is there a way to search all eBay sites for different countries at once? However, traditionally, Quakers did not celebrate any religious holidays because all days are “holy days.” [back to top], How do I become a member? The Quakers, on the other hand, do not share this view, as they have a different set of beliefs. You can find meetings in your area at quakerfinder.org. What’s the difference between a Quaker meeting and Quaker church? [back to top] Are Quakers Christian? [back to top], Do I have to be a pacifist to be a Quaker? The emerging faith community gathered around the leadership of George Fox and others who encouraged people to be guided by a direct, firsthand encounter with the Spirit. Other branches of Quakers do have pastors and more structured worship, and have a more Bible-centered emphasis in their beliefs. Do I have to be a pacifist to be a Quaker? How long will the footprints on the moon last? What should I wear to Quaker meeting? There are 36 yearly meetings in the United States and Canada. [back to top] Many other Quakers draw spiritual sustenance from various religious traditions, such as Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and the nature religions. All are welcome. There is also a difference between spirituality and religion. How do Quakers get organized without a leader? The first step toward membership is to write a letter to the clerk of the meeting expressing your wish to join formally. When the clerk recognizes that unity has been reached, it is called the “sense of the meeting.” If those present agree with the clerk’s expression of that sense, then the decision is recorded in the minutes. Do Quakers celebrate birthdays? How do you put grass into a personification? What do Quakers believe? The emphasis of a Quaker’s life is on present time―on experiencing and following the leadings of the Light in our lives today. So, historically, way back in the beginning, Quakers had a thing against celebrating holidays.


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