A popular snare drum microphone position is to have the microphone hanging just over the edge and pointing at the center of the drumhead. Leave the button set where the sound is best. • Kick spot mic. (Computer Music) 03 August 2020. EQ is your best friend in recording. I would recommend the Audix DP7 Drum Pack as the best drum mic kit that delivers premium quality sounds whilst still being pretty affordable in long run. These few tracks then need to be turned down to around -15dB – this will leave plenty of headroom for the click to be clearly heard by the drummer over the backing track and the drums. • Snare spot mic Each microphone should be delivering a clear signal into each respective channel in the DAW. At this point, once everything is set up to how you like and you are completely happy, it is very important to not move anything! To minimise latency, keep your audio interface buffer size as small as possible. This is quick ’n’ dirty, but now you’re ready to record. This is because there is a lot of equipment to set up, specific techniques to grasp, and a lot of tuning involved! Omnis will give you more of the room sound, while cardioids achieve more focus. And the same applies to poorly tuned drums. No matter what style of music you intend on playing, you are able to record drums with less equipment than you might expect; and the recording session can be executed on a budget without compromising on quality. Over-damping also makes the drums quiet, so easy does it! Below we’re going to use the two-mic overhead technique that’s become known as the ‘Recorderman’. There is a wide range of valuable production tools and effects that are used to enhance sound recordings. It costs about £8 and makes fine-tuning snare sounds easy. Recording drums with 2 mics is possible, and in fact, it is a great way to achieve good sounds with minimal equipment and setup. It’s even better when paired with a selection of brand new drumheads for your drum set. Room mics, bottom snare mic and second kick mic are all optional. Create two auxiliary sends and returns from the ambience track. To record the best sound drums possible, you will need a complete set of optimized drum microphones. A DAW removes the need for expensive studio equipment such as microphone preamps and analog equipment such as EQs and compressors to process the signal with. This artificial space will help the kit sound more ‘finished’ while you’re tracking – and a more exciting sound will make your drummer play better. You will learn and discover new things by making some mistakes along the way. That’s why a test take is important; here are a few tips on how to get the most out of the session. The best thing for dampening the top head of the snare is Moon Gel by RTOM. There’s no point listening to a great recording of something crap – but there’s definitely a point in listening to a crap recording of something that’s great! You can guarantee they are free from damage, and you will avoid the risk of counterfeit microphones. Ilan Rubin – the drummer of Nine Inch Nails demonstrates the capabilities of a dual microphone pairing for recording in this video. (Either via USB cable, MIDI to USB converter or by … Whereas the further back the microphone is placed, the increased low end the microphone will pick up. Visit our corporate site. To start off this guide, let’s talk about the recording equipment you’ll need to capture quality drum sounds. Your intro to the most popular DAW on … The overheads go to inputs 1 and 2 and will need 48v phantom power (unless you’re using ribbon mics – in which case, don’t touch that switch!). The question is: live or dead? Now that you have recorded your best drum tracks, it’s time to process and mix the audio to really bring the drums to life. Well, here are some other things that those pieces of drum software – and all the rest of them – don’t do. The sound will be muffled and closed in. And others might love a vintage sounding ‘thud’ – essentially as low tuned and muffled as a snare drum can be. These are a ‘spaced pair’ of omni-directionals or cardioids.   Cymbals maintain their inherent sound from the day of purchase and poor quality cymbals will protrude a mix. Even better is putting a mic up in an adjacent space that’s bright-sounding, like a bathroom, kitchen or corridor. This signal can be delayed to create the illusion of size. Try and keep some life in the sound; don’t muffle it so much that it sounds like a cardboard box. For a dry, disco-sounding kit, you’ll need a ‘dead’ room, like the lounge or bedroom, where soft furnishings help to calm the sound. Combine this with a strong performance marked by clear and tight playing – and you will have great sounding raw stems to work with even before mixing the audio. This method does depend on having a great-sounding kit and room, though, so it could be a bit unflattering to a home setup. When mixing audio you will need to use a high-quality pair of headphones or a pair of studio reference monitors. The ambient mic (hopefully a condenser, so requiring phantom power) goes into 7, and the floor tom mic into 8. 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