Catra however arrives and demands it be opened, even despite the danger that Entrapta tries to explain. It's unknown if they are alive now. As a result, Glimmer couldn't keep the Princess Alliance together. He was devastated by her betrayal, especially after learning that it was Entrapta who hacked the Black Garnet. Catra stuns her before sending her to Beast Island and goes to Hordak to open the portal. Emily is a Horde robot that was modified by Entrapta. Despite frequent scientific complications, Entrapta finds each failure as an opportunity to learn. Does it convey the wrong emotion? When he's back on his feet, she places her hair on his shoulder though he angrily pushes her hair away and yells at her to finish the portal. During her time on Beast Island, Entrapta's appearance changes due to the dangerous conditions surrounding her. Unknown (possibly raised by robots, as she is seen with robotic parents in her portrait) Hordak (boyfriend) EKS was developed using Horde robots mixed with First Ones' technology. Entrapta watches on as he confronts Horde Prime, establishing himself as an individual, and effectively crediting Entrapta for giving him the foundation he needed to believe in himself. It's also possible that Entrapta was born as a princess but the King and Queen passed away and she created two parents (maybe based on her birth parents) as she was shown holding a tool in the portrait. Her design was neat. He reveals his past to her, and they become genuine friends (hinting to the possibility of seeing each other more than that) rather than simple lab partners. Some things are the same, some are very, very different. Others like to go with a natural sounding voice. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During a trial to open the portal, Hordak is seen smiling at Entrapta rather than the seemingly successful portal before them. After he seemingly defeats Horde Prime, Entrapta quickly picks the locks to her restraints and goes to run up to Hordak, only to see that Horde Prime has taken possession over his body. SHOW COMMENTS (0) FRANCHISE RELATED. As Catra leaves, she turns back to see Hordak sitting on his throne with Entrapta sitting on the arm rest as she tells him when they can start experimenting again. I have talked to some of my friends and EVERYBODY I know hates his voice, hates his acting, hates his movies!!! She insists they keep him around, as he is harmless now that he has been separated from the hive mind. However when Bow mentions how he thought Entrapta was still with Hordak, she frowns and then hides her face behind her mask. Scorpia discovers Entrapta put her recordings in Emily and it could only be accessible if she was destroyed. Entrapta accepted back by the other princesses. After a successful mission with the other princesses, she is effectively forgiven, and able to feel accepted. Catra returns from The Crimson Waste and gives them She-Ra's sword and Entrapta realizes it's the key to getting the portal to work. Horde Prime then possesses Hordak's body and takes Entrapta as a hostage to the battlefield. Otherwise, her past is unknown. This caused a lot of concern on the part of Adora, when Catra teased her about her newfound friendship with the Princess of Dryl. I can break down specifics for you, though it seems you have a strong opinion about it and I don't it will change how you feel. Either way, whether or not you believe the criticism is up to you. Female She remembers him fondly and tells Adora, Glimmer, and Bow that Hordak was her lab partner before remembering what Catra has done to her. After she belittles his efforts on more than one occasion, Horde Prime orders Hordak to execute her. Adora orders her and Bow to go to the Fright Zone to find Glimmer and though Bow finds Glimmer and Hordak, Entrapta is nowhere to be seen. This left Hordak speechless and stunned. Deep down, she truly cares about her fellow princesses. Hordak. Enemies Since she had previously stayed put in the Fright Zone after the rescue mission for Bow and Glimmer it's likely she was doing it again. She then reminds him that his imperfections are beautiful, which stuns him as much as it did the first time she said it to him. you? Hordak nodded, but Entrapta simply asked again, “Do you want more?” “Y-yes, Entrapta.” Hordak's voice was weak and raspy, desperate for breath—desperate for Entrapta. Her old lady voice didn't go unnoticed. Bow liked Entrapta because of her inventions, explaining to Glimmer and Adora that they're alike in that aspect. After returning back to camp, Entrapta gets to work, but not before pulling up a picture of Hordak on her monitor, to which she smiles fondly at. I do wonder if you might change your mind by the end of the series. After Entrapta was accidentally left behind in The Fright Zone, Catra found her in a pipe and immediately chained her up. Technology, Science, Emily, Scorpia, Hordak, tiny food, fizzy drinks, imperfection, new discoveries, space Their reunion is cut short when Swift Wind comes in to protect her, thinking she was in danger. After returning to Bright Moon, Adora orders Bow, Swift Wind and Entrapta to go to The Fright Zone but they were stopped because Swift Wind felt the negative effects of the Heart and collapsed. She would be unaware of Hordak attempting to kill Catra for discovering that she sent her to Beast Island and Horde Prime took him to be reconditioned. When he wakes up, he sees that Entrapta has wrapped him up in a blanket and made him soup, though she made little cups of soup instead of one large one. Christine Woods is the voice of Entrapta in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. She later gives Entrapta the freedom to do her scientific experiments as she pleases. Entrapta is fairly short and a bit stocky, only about as tall as Glimmer, with olive skin, rose eyes, and long, lilac-colored hair, which she can move and control at will like a limb (prehensile).


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