They even request it by asking for the Fish Eye Salad-hence the name! Serve warm or cold. It is essentially a fruit salad combined with a pasta salad, then mixed with all kinds of craziness like cool whip, marshmallows and coconut. Add sugar, and cool. Chill. In a large pot whisk together the sugar, flour, salt, pineapple juice and eggs on medium heat until … Also called a Acini Di Pepe Pasta Salad, its a super classic and homemade dessert side dish that keeps the … Frog eye salad is a lovely combination of pasta, pudding, and crushed fruits, making it a perfect lightly sweet summer side dish. Mmmm. Fold in whipped cream. Mix the tapioca, splenda, half and half and yolks in a saucepan and let rest for 5 or 6 minutes. Cook on medium heat stirring constantly and let it come to a full boil and remove from heat. Prep tim… Soak tapioca and water over night,drain Add milk and salt and cook until transparent. Frog Eye Salad is one of those throw back recipes that grandmothers and their mothers have been making for decades because there is just something about combining Cool Whip and fruit with something else, be it marshmallows and calling it “fluff”, or acini de pepe (tapioca) and calling it “frog eyes,” that warms your heart and delights your tastebuds. Add fruit cocktail. Although it does have an abundance of sugar and whipping cream, it also provides a lot of vitamin c, vitamin a and potassium due to the pineapple juice and mandarin … Frog Eye Salad is considered a dessert salad, similar to tapioca pudding or rice pudding. Stir in the egg whites, add vanilla and zest and let cool for 20 minutes. NOTE: You can guild the lily by topping with whipped cream. My brother in law told my kids not to eat grandmas salad because it was made with fish eyes!! Frog Eye Salad. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours or overnight. It took them a while to convince them that there were no fish eyes in the salad and now they love this treat. May 19, 2012 - This recipe is from my Mother in Law. Combine the cooled sauce and pasta and stir well. The comment was from my Mom, Suzanne Freeman, because she thought her recipe for Cherry Delight… Someone out in the Blogosphere found The Family Curator this week while searching for “frog eye salad with minute tapioca”, but the only reference I can find is in a comment posted to this article, originally published in July 2009.


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