Pipe on a layer of Marshmallow Fluff. Trust me its FANTASTIC! Put one cupcake half in the bottom of a jar. www.abajillianrecipes.com/2016/05/30/orange-creamsicle-cupcakes https://thekitchenprescription.com/2011/07/10/orange-creamsicle-cupcakes When I was a little girl, this was my ultimate favorite popsicle and it in cupcake for? The frosting in itself is something straight out of heaven! https://thedomesticrebel.com/2014/07/09/orange-creamsicle-cupcakes-2 Orange is totally one of those flavors that gets overlooked, even by me, yet it’s a flavor I love. I made an orange cream cake for my cookbook a couple years ago and was reminded of how awesome it is in cake form. Orange Creamsicle CRUSH Cupcakes are packed full of incredible orange cream flavor! I could eat it with a spoon! Orange Crush Soda … Pipe a layer of Orange Cream Cheese Frosting. Add another cupcake half. (seriously) LOL The Jell-O makes the cupcakes so deliciously moist and perfect! Even during pregnancy, my number one craving was orange juice. Cut cooled cupcakes in half (horizontally) Fill large 2 large piping bags (or even large ziplock bags), one with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting, one with Marshmallow Fluff.


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