I can personally guarantee that Acrylic nails are 100% easier to manage than Gel nails. So, how long do Shellac Last? Fake nails (depending if they are acrylics or tips) can last way longer than you’d think if you take proper care of them. Unfortunately, my nails aren’t very long and are pretty thin, so when I go to the nail salon, you know I’m getting a set of acrylics (fake nails). This form of artificial nails gives you a wealth of creative potential and the ability to express yourself in truly unique ways. I love the way my french tips look when I leave the salon, but anyone who has ever gotten their nails done knows that it doesn’t last forever. I have mine done once as month and then she has to soak them off otherwise they would probably last around 6 weeks before they started falling off. You should expect two-three weeks of wear from your Shellac Nails. Acrylics can last anywhere from one to three weeks without needing a touch-up, depending on a lot of factors. Acrylic nails do have a limited lifespan for a reason, and they can definitely be left on “too” long. Not to mention that when getting Acrylic nails applied, they dont' have to file down your nail beds until they are almost gone. Generally, this is far more likely to occur after about 3 months of having the same acrylic set on. How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last? Almost all manicurist will advise their clients to get their acrylics filled every two to three weeks for maintenance and help prevent nails from lifting. Got Questions About Acrylic Nails? So you want to try fake nails and wondering how long do fake nails last. We’ll Get You Filled In. When you start your journey with doing your own nails at home, there’s plenty of questions you’ll need answered. Answer (1 of 15): I would say one month is how long your acrylic nails should last on average.If they are only lasting a few days you should change your nail technician, as that is appalling! Our acrylic nails do not last as long as we would love for our them to last and they are not permanent. In addition to growing out and just not looking good, they can also harbor fungal infections. Where you get your nails done, who your nail artist is, and how well you take care of your fake nails all impact your acrylics’ durability. There are other factors involved which can vary this time, but if your nails were prepared and the Shellac applied properly, 14 days is the minimum you can expect. If you are already investing $40+ bucks, then make them count. If you choose acrylic nails, you won’t be sorry. 1/2 hour for an application of Acrylic and 2 hours for the Gel. And why shouldn’t you?


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