Use small scrub or tooth brush or mascara brush/wand, and clean the caster with soap water or alcohol. A trick I've learned (if you don't have the strength to push the casters in or a rubber mallet handy) is to attach them before you've attached the back and arms of the chair. NOT FIT most of the office chairs, fit for Ikea office chair only.Like Volmar, Malklom, Gregor, Markus, Partik, Jules, Fingal, Torkel and many more. [1] After weeks of home improvement projects, our apartment’s floors had become dirty with an assortment of debris, half of which seemed to have found itself stuck onto the caster wheels. If cleaning a chair with fabric upholstery, it’s important not to rub as you clean; you might force the solids into the fabric and make it more difficult to clean. For future reference, this issue is not limited to Ikea chairs. Take the Caster Wheels Off. A seat cushion may still be cleaned, even if it is not machine washable. It’s important to act as soon as you see the mess, so it doesn’t have time to set. Many of the chairs you find in an office environment have wheels that are removable. The type of cleaning depends on … I've had the same problem with rolling office chairs from Office Depot, Staples, Target, etc. Lay your chair on its' side and examine the wheel. Before you attempt to clean the wheels, you will want to remove them from the base of the chair. How to Clean a Seat Cushion That Is Not Machine Washable. However, when your chair starts to wobble as you roll around your office, you might want to get your old casters replaced. Level 1: Remove the visible hairs using butter knife on the crevice of the caster on both sides. Casters can help your office chairs become more versatile, allowing you to roll around on wheels instead of being stuck in one place. The wheel was likely mankind's first invention but these tandem wheels so typical of any rolling office chair quickly get clogged up with pet hair and dirt until they will hardly roll at all. The facts were undeniable: my task chair’s wheels had the ride of a Jeep traversing off-road terrain with a flat tire and roadkill stuck to the bottom. The diameter of the stem is 10mm (not 3/8" or 9). This will remove dusts and keep only hairs and threads that got tangled. About this item Set of 5 pack 10mm rubber caster wheels fit for Ikea office chair only. Turn the chair upside down on a desk or on the floor.


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