4) Put big thick cloth above bass drum and microphone to cut cymbal highs from entering the RE20 mics. You can count on its high sound pressure levels and quality output that you desire. and I've never had a problem. For the best feedback, this kick drum mic rejects all unwanted sounds. Industry benchmark for bass drum microphone used on stages worldwide for over 30 years; Buy on Amazon. We know it's not easy, from too many products by many manufacturers to choose the right product. 5) Press rec. “Nothing special going on here…[Shure] SM57 on the snare. Also, many … Getting that Classic Snare Drum Sound. The 5 Best Bass Drum Microphones [Reviews 2020] Posted in Recording & Audio Equipment | Last Updated on May 1, 2020. Designed specifically for bass drums, this mic will give you the oomph that you need while you are on set. Best mount ever. … I normally play with a solid resonant bass drum head. Besides, I prefer the feel of a solid reso, so would like to try something different. I've played on ported bass drum reso's for the past 15 years, but I really like the sound of this particular bass drum as it is...I'm afraid to cut a hole in the original head. It is safe to say that it gives you exactly what it sells. It's very important that you have a good drum microphone, your bass drum plays an important role in your overall sound. Incidentally, my prefered way to mount an internal kick drum mic is through the tom mount with a 7/8" pipe glued to a 5" mic gooseneck. 6) Enjoy nic bass drum sound. I'm wondering how much of this I'll lose if I port the reso head -- anyone have feedback? Snare Drum. 3) Put RE-20 microphone outside, about 2 feet out of the drum. However, the pay off for having the mic outside of the drum is … The reason I'm asking is … Mic positioning 4. In some circumstances a sound man or band may request I use a ported head. Popular options for live or recording uses are the Shure SM57, Telefunken M80, and Audix i5.To find out about other great snare mics and even hear what they sound like, check out my article “Best Mics for Recording Snare Drums”. In that case, I'm always ready to slap it on if need be. I have 2 kick drums that have solid resos and nowhere to mount the bass drum mic. I like the boomy, punchy sound. I've used it for many years. * Over – The typical way to mic a snare drum is to put a mic slightly over the snare and … I’ll probably make a couple of adjustments…I’m trying to … Jae opts for another timeless Shure dynamic microphone for the snare. Ideal for studio as well as live performances, the Shure Beta is a workhorse that does not disappoint. Bass drum miked outside: using two out-of-phase mics in front of the bass drum will capture the ambient sound of the front head. It works well for the types of gigs I'm playing (bars, clubs, outdoor festivals, etc.) Microphone choice has a huge impact on the sound of a snare drum. Shure SM57 on Top. Firstly, miking the batter side of the drum will have more definition, while adding a second mic in front of the drum 'out of phase' (more on this shortly) will capture the ambient sound of the front head. I mic it by placing a Shure Beta 52 a few inches from the resonant head in the direct center. The classic Shure SM57 on the snare drum. Hi there, I just got a Reference Pure set and I'm trying to avoid porting the bass drum.


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