During every renewal, ask your InsureLine Insurance Broker questions about what is covered under the policy as well as optional coverages, like flood, earthquake, fire, etc. Also, standard wear and tear is not covered and typically isn’t coverable. Your homeowners insurance does not cover the loss of your car, even though it was, “in your house.” You typically must have a form of comprehensive physical damage coverage on your automobile insurance policy for it to be covered. Ask what the company's average turn-around time is for resolving claim disputes. Next, ask whether you will be charged a co-payment, a small flat fee, perhaps $10, charged for health care services. With an HMO, you or your employer pays a fixed monthly fee for health-care services, but you can only go to a doctor who is under contract with the HMO. Some plans have a deductible instead, an amount that you have to pay before the policy starts to cover any medical costs. We all know health insurance can be complicated. Professional liability is insurance that protects you and your staff against negligence claims relating to your delivery of professional services; for example, offering what someone perceived as bad advice. By John Paolini | March 16, 2011 at 06:58 AM. Some may give a small amount of coverage and some do not. What is your ZIP code? Don’t assume the car is covered; give your InsureLine Insurance Broker a call to find out for sure. Many people face the confusing proposition of choosing health insurance. Here are 16 questions an auto insurer will ask, as well as why the information is important. Here's a list of ten questions you should ask before picking a health care plan. Looking into insurance could be confusing as you need them for so many areas of your life, such as for your automobile, business, and home to start. Here we have listed some of the most common car insurance claim questions with quickie answers. With indemnity health plans, also known as fee-for-service plans, you pay a percentage of the medical costs, and the insurance company pays the remaining percentage. An extremely small business, such as a business operated by one or two people out of a home, may not need workers compensation insurance, but it often needs more property and liability insurance than is provided in a typical homeowners policy. 5 Questions to Ask Your Car Insurance Rep When it comes to choosing a car insurance policy, many of us let premium price drive our decisions. According to regulatory associations, there is a direct correlation between credit scores and individuals getting into accidents, and cancellation policies due to non-payment. These optional coverages do not come standard on most policies. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A COPY OF YOUR INSURANCE CONTRACT (THIS IS COMPRISED OF YOUR PRODUCT DISCLOSURE STATEMENT (PDS) AND YOUR CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE). That is your advantage, right? Homeowners insurance covers the structure as well as the contents inside the home. Through a PPO, you or your employer gets a discount if you use physicians within the plan. Ask if the plan covers dental, vision care, or other special services that you might need. Blog Home Insurance Retiring? We have some frequently asked questions that will help you as you comparison shop health insurance rates online. It is a fact that most homes are underinsured. All insurance carriers cover rental cars differently. Therefore, premiums are higher for lower credit scores. All rights reserved. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost health insurance quote or if you’re applying for Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplements we’re here to help. How Long Does Coronavirus Live On Surfaces?


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