[18] Ferris stated that the music and sound effects were that of a dream world, and asserted that they were fitting for a game like Nights into Dreams. [16], Christmas Nights contains the full version of Claris' Spring Valley dream level from Nights into Dreams, playable as both Claris and Elliot. [22][23], Sonic creator and project director Ohshima created the character of Nights based on his inspirations from travelling Europe and western Asia. [83][85], Claris and Eliot make a cameo appearance in Sonic Team's Burning Rangers (1998), with both Claris and Eliot sending the Rangers emails thanking them for their help. [29] Iizuka studied dreams and theories about them, such as Jung's theories of dream archetypes. [16], Christmas Nights follows Elliot and Claris during the holiday season following their adventures with Nights. I'll be collecting images of the event for you to view here if you cant/don't want to download Sonic Runners. [94] Nights and Reala also appear as playable characters in Sega Superstars Tennis (2008) and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (2012),[95] the latter of which also features a Nights into Dreams-themed racetrack. [82][83] A Windows version was released via Steam on 17 December 2012, with online score leaderboards and the option to play with enhanced graphics or with the original Saturn graphics. Nights into Dreams werd geïntroduceerd samen met een optionele gamepad, de Saturn 3D-controller, die ook werd toegevoegd bij sommige versies van het spel. The evil ruler of Nightmare, Wizeman the Wicked, is stealing this dream energy from sleeping visitors in order to gather power and take control of Nightopia and eventually the real world. "Don't close your eyes, Elliot! "[64] Next Generation similarly commended the game's visuals, stating that they were "beyond a doubt" the most fluid and satisfying for any game on any system. [58] Martin Robinson from Eurogamer opined that the flight mechanics were a "giddy thrill". I have to say, as a pretty hardcore NiGHTS fan, Journey of Dreams has delivered on so many levels. [29] The team felt that the global market would be less resistant to a game featuring full 3D CGI cut scenes than 2D anime. [14] The game also features a multiplayer mode, which allows two players to battle each other by using a splitscreen. Nelly and Marco are back. [9][10], In the flying sections, the player controls Nights' flight along a predetermined route through each Mare, resembling that of a 2D platformer. [86][87] Nights into Dreams-themed pinball areas feature in Sonic Adventure (1998) and Sonic Pinball Party (2003), with soundtrack being featured in the latter game. Nights into Dreams is split into seven levels, referred to as "Dreams". [8] The majority of the gameplay centres on flying sequences, which are triggered by walking into the Ideya Palace near the start of each level so that the character merges with the imprisoned Nights. [23][93] Following a successful fan campaign by a Nights into Dreams fansite, the character Nights was integrated into Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (2010) as a traffic guard. [77] Naka said that the release of Nights was when Sonic Team was truly formed as a brand. [76] In 2014, GamesRadar listed Nights into Dreams as the best Sega Saturn game of all time, stating that the game "tapped into a new kind of platform gameplay for its era". [2][6] The goal of each Mare is to recover one of the stolen Ideya by collecting 20 blue chips and delivering them to the cage holding the Ideyas, which overloads and releases the orb it holds. [61] GameFan praised the combination of "lush graphics, amazing music, and totally unique gameplay". I've searched online but I found nothing. [2] While flying, Nights can use a "Drill Dash" to travel faster, as well as defeat certain reverie enemies scattered throughout the level. In each level, players initially control Claris or Elliot, who immediately have their Ideyas (spherical objects that contain emotions) of hope, wisdom, intelligence and purity stolen from them by Wizeman's minions, leaving behind only their Ideya of courage. Claris is a talented singer and her ambition is to perform on stage. The winner is determined by the first player to defeat the other, which is accomplished by hitting or paralooping the other player three times. Basically I'm wondering how exactly you breed nightopians, how does one actually harm them, and what happens when you paraloop them. [55] In 2010, Iizuka said that he would be interested in making a third Nights into Dreams game. Ohshima designed Nights as an androgynous character. [12] The player's time is replenished each time they return an Ideya to the Ideya Palace.


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