that a relevant European State, in giving effect to that Directive, must or may cause to become functions of any of the authorities and bodies designated in that State as competent authorities for the purposes of that Directive. For the purpose of exercising any powers of this Act conferred on the Privy Council a quorum of the Privy Council shall be two. Incorrect and fraudulent entries in the register. 15(6) (with reg. If in any year the register is not published, the Council shall cause any alterations in the entries in that register which have been made since the last publication thereof to be printed and published within that year. Where any representations are made under the last foregoing subsection, the Privy Council shall give notice to the university in question that the representations have been made, together with such particulars thereof as may be requisite to enable the university to formulate their observations on or objections to the representations. 1991/1412, F1Ss. . 8 substituted (1.7.2018) by The Legislative Reform (Constitution of the Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) Order 2018 (S.I. (b)contains details of the insurance cover, or other means of personal or collective protection, that the practitioner has with regard to professional liability. 2015/2073), regs. (5)Where this sub-paragraph applies, if the person’s name is registered in the visiting European list, the registrar may remove the person’s name from that list. . . 12 (with reg. refuse to register that person in the register until that person has done so. A person who holds a qualification of a kind referred to in Table B is an eligible European veterinary surgeon. (1)A person who has appealed under section 5C, 5CA, [F485CB, 5CC or 5CCA] may appeal to the appropriate court against a decision of the registration appeals committee on the appeal. Registration under this section shall not make it lawful for a person to practise veterinary surgery otherwise than subject to the said restrictions. . para. (3)The documentation referred to in subsection (1)(b) is—, (a)evidence of the qualification by virtue of which the person is an eligible European veterinary surgeon and, if—, (i)that qualification is one listed in [F26the Directive table] ; and. In this Schedule, “relevant qualification” means the qualification by virtue of which a person is an eligible European veterinary surgeon. 7A inserted (6.8.2008) by The Veterinary Surgeons Qualifications (European Recognition) Regulations 2008 (S.I. 1991. 2015/2073), regs. 7 added (10.6.2002) by S.I. 19: for previous exercises of this power see Index to Government Orders. . . The required additional documentation is a certificate from the competent authority of that State which states that the relevant qualification meets the requirements of Article 38 of Directive, , and is treated by that State as equivalent to a qualification of a kind referred to in, Words in Sch. 3U.K.A member of the Council may at any time, by notice in writing addressed to the registrar, resign his office as member and the President or a Vice-President of the College may at any time by a like notice resign his office as such. 2(2)(a) (with ss. 5 (with reg. , as read with Article 22(a) of that Directive. (2)Regulations under this section may authorise the registrar to remove from the register the name of a person who, after such notices and warnings as may be prescribed by the regulations, fails to pay a fee prescribed under paragraph (b) of the foregoing subsection. Appeals in connection with registration under section 5A. Show Timeline of Changes: (5)The Council may give directions authorising any additional qualifications specified in the directions to be entered in the register on the application of registered veterinary surgeons by whom they are held.


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