Has black marking through eye and another on the dorsal fin. Because they are relatively inactive fishes, most species can be kept in smaller aquariums than other equally large fish, and 30 gallon tanks are not unusual. They start out as tiny, manageable-looking cuties, which often fools aquarists into purchasing them for their small aquariums. umm im not sure wat kind of fish it is but its small ,about 2 inches long. White with red lattice-like markings resembling a grid. It is best kept in saltwater or brackish systems although they can survive in freshwater. 11 Answers. The following list of marine aquarium fish species commonly available in the aquarium trade is not a completely comprehensive list; certain rare specimens may available commercially yet not be listed here. Bright lemon yellow with subtle vertical orange stripes and a black splotch behind the eye. Batfish change greatly as they grow, however the potential aquarist is most likely to see them in their juvenile form, so that is the description of the colouration here. [137][138], Seahorses are among the few popular marine aquarium species that can be temperate. Gobies have two distinct dorsal fins, Blennies have a single dorsal fin that runs the length of their body. Sometimes multiple specimens can be kept in larger aquariums, but usually this requires them to be added at the same time or they will be too territorial. Dark tan with horizontal blue stripes that are not particularly straight. [48], Chromis are perhaps the ultimate reef fish. Bambi. Contrary to popular belief they will tolerate smaller (4' to 5') tanks just fine but tend to live better in larger tanks, over 5'. So long as they are properly acclimated, they tolerate a wide range of parameters. List of marine aquarium invertebrate species, "Aquarium Fish: Large Angels in the Home Aquarium, Part 1", "Aquarium Fish: Large Angels in the Home Aquarium, Part II", "Marine Angelfishes, Family Pomacanthidae", "What a Darling Little Angel: The Genus Centropyge", "Aquarium Fish: The Hinds of the Genus Cephalopholis", "The Basses Called Hinds, Genus Cephalopholis", "The Soapfishes, Family Grammistidae, or Tribe Grammistini of the Serranidae, in part, or...", "Some Guys Like 'em Big:The Genus Plectropomus", "The Roundhead Called the Marine Betta, Calloplesiops altivelis, Family Plesiopsidae", "Blennioids: Blennies and Blenny-Like Fishes", "All My Puffers, Tobies, Box, Porcupine, Cowfishes", "Butterflyfishes; Separating the Good Ones and Those You Don't Want", "Cardinals Not Named Pujols, Womack, or Edmonds:The Genus Cheilodipterus", "Friendly Damsels? Batfish are gorgeous and striking fish that are not common in aquaria for one major reason: they get huge. Update: umm im not sure wat kind of fish it is but its small ,about 2 inches long. Requires a minimum 180 gallon aquarium. Requires a 30 gallon tank and 3 inches (7.6 cm) sand substrate. Many individuals never eat and others may die or stop feeding for no apparent reason. [70] Copper treatments should not be administered to most shark species. … The physical characteristics of your fish are often very helpful when trying to come up with a name. Chocolate brown with light yellow horizontal stripes. Is mostly yellow with a darker saddle and a black and white mask. Because they live in the open ocean, they are rare in the aquarium trade. These large fish are considered to be quite hardy, but because of their size may present a significant challenge to the keeper. Lv 4. It is rarely available. Gray with black splotches, and a yellow mask. Pink fish with yellow streak on top of head running along the lateral line. They generally only use it when threatened or dying, but can become disturbed easily with aggressive tank mates or overcrowded aquarium. Grayish to tan with short snout and a spiny head. Very striking black and white checkerboard pattern all over, with very long tapering nose. )", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_marine_aquarium_fish_species&oldid=990682047, Articles with dead external links from December 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles lacking reliable references from March 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Blue Angelfish has an overall aqua hue with a yellow shimmer and yellow edges on the. Requires a minimum 1,700 gallon aquarium. Ms. It may consume benthic fishes and its thorns are tangled in nets easily. Is a schooling fish so keeping several of these rays is recommended. Highly venomous! Varying colors with distinctive spines all over body. [51][53][54], Most should be kept as pairs or small groups where all individuals are added at once. Blueline demoiselle, Yellowfin demoiselle.


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