If this is because of the events last night the parties involved should be ashamed. Currently only characters associated with the server a streamer is on are displayed. Or if you’re Albert Brooks, there’s no fucking possible way you can use your real name — because…well, you’ll see. RatedEpicz (Randy Bullet / AJ Hunter) taking a break from RP. I later got into NoPixel. That's the thing with CG and a few other big crim streamers. Last night was wild for both Penta and Rated. It will expand character data for characters it matches and collapse only the ones it opened when cleared. Esc is used to escape/dismiss. 400 votes, 315 comments. Really sad to see that it has come this far. Video Games. Eric(born:February 24, 1988 (1988-02-24) [age 32]), better known online asSwaggerSouls, is an American YouTuber, comedian and gamer known for his VRChat and Counter Strike: Global Offensive videos and smoking weed. If you have any thoughts on features like this be sure to use the feedback feature to let me know. Her real name is Yuki Shiroi (snow white) in Japanese. I don’t see what people are trying to accomplish when they yell at people over their RP. Warning: Excluding a server will means you will see no GTA RP streams for that server. Watch all of RatedEpicz's best archives, VODs, and highlights on Twitch. ctrl+r will refresh thumbnails, this action has a 30 second cooldown. After the situation both Rated and Penta seemed so down that as a viewer it was really hard to keep watching. Rated is such a nice dude, but it's understandable what he's doing. Sonic the Hedgehog is the eponymous protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics.He is a mobian hedgehog endowed with the power of super speed and the ability to control the Chaos Emeralds.Renowned as the hero of his world, Sonic has stood as the primary opposition to the villainous reign of the evil Dr. Eggman and the Eggman Empire for years. It uses regular expressions so characters such as . If the search field has focus it will clear it if there is a filter active, otherwise it will close it. He is one of the most genuine guys just trying to RP and have fun. RatedEpicz streams live on Twitch! The backing application queries all tracked gta streamers every 2 and a half minutes and tries to determine what server they are playing on. AJ is literally the nicest person on the server. I knew this downfall would take place eventually. When they change servers these are updated. Feels fucking bad man. One minute everyone here is in agreement that it’s shitty to flood Saab and Ashlynn’s chat over RP, the next people are going for the throat of Sentry (or whoever else is the villain of the week). Will be tuning in for whatever he’s got going. Swagger,along with fiveof hisfriends, is part of a podcasting group calledMisfits based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Tamina’s real name is Sarona Moana-Marie Reiher Snuka-Polamalu; Ted DiBiase’s real name is Theodore Marvin DiBiase Sr. Teddy Long’s real name is Theodore Robert Rufus Long; Terry Funk‘s real name is Terrence Funk; The Big Boss Man‘s real name is Ray Washington Traylor Jr. These viewers have stuck around and the toxicity levels went from about an annoying 3 to a 7-8 at times, and worse a few times with death threats, shitty dms and pms to streamers and so on. This only searches streamers we track, if you think we are missing someone let us know via the feedback form or #incorrect-data on the discord. 315 comments. It’s really a shame but I’m happy for the dude. Sebastian Fors— better known by his online alias of Forsen— is a Swedish streamer primarily known for his involvement in highly-competitive games like StarCraft II and Hearthstone.Though he may seem less influential than some common Twitch names, an emote of the streamer’s face became the most used of the platforms hundreds of emotes in the month of January in 2018.


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