Recording drums in your home studio can be one of the most complex and tricky instruments you will ever get to record. Choose a room that suits the sound you're looking for. When recording only the upper cymbals, the microphones should be placed at a big distance from each other. It requires a little bit of practice, understanding the mics and the room. You can capture a great drum recording in your home studio if you follow these simple guidelines: If you are recording drums in a good sounding room, it is good decision to install a pair of microphones of overall space to use them to record the acoustics and add it to the sound of the actual drum kit. A little secret I know many bands and musicians recording drums at home use is layering their drum sounds with samples or midi plugins. If you want to record the drums and add reverb later, opt for a quiet space … Photo: Richard Ecclestone The phenomenal advances in integrated drum machines and sample-based drum sources controlled by sequencers mean that few of us bother recording real drum kits any more. Small rooms with carpeting and furniture lead to quieter drumming. However, there are still a large number of drummers … When you are recording drums at home, you can produce amazing drum recordings if, you learn a few drum recording techniques. Let us jump into the recording process. Microphones of Overall Space. A typical home recording of a drum kit sounds exactly like it was recorded at home—in a small room. With so many drums that make up a complete kit and so many mics and mic choices it can be a bit overwhelming at first. You can achieve great results at your home set up even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a big studio setup. On this page you will learn some recording techniques that will give you a better understanding of how to record drums in your home recording studio. Recording Drums at home can be very challenging. Getting the right balance of “live” drums and midi drums or drum samples can give your recordings more depth and character while maintaining the authenticity of the recording or musician being recorded. On the other hand, a drum kit recorded in a pro studio will tend to sound bigger—with the ambience of a large tracking room giving life to the drums. recording drums at home. Any room can be adapted into a recording room, but your garage causes your drums to sound differently than your bedroom does. But fear not! Large rooms with a lot of flat spaces create more echo and reverb. my band has been tracking at home in my home studio with about 7k with of gear. The drum kit can be one of the most time-consuming and frustrating of instruments to record, so it's worth taking a structured approach.


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