TritonCORE Pro 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks. Depending on your needs and type of flooring, additional features may change the generalization of this chart. An SPC vinyl is most limestone with little fillers and adhering agents. The SPC has no foam added, giving it a stronger, more robust core. See this on my floor. Covers 28.00 sqft Your Savings . Vinyl flooring is known for its ability to be installed just about anywhere because of its water-resistant properties, but rigid core vinyl goes one step further offering products that are 100% waterproof. An SPC vinyl floor would be the best choice in commercial applications due to this factor. Keep in mind that these are general assumptions and average prices. $2.69 /sqft. $3.59 . In the case of a flexible LVT product, the vinyl core is softer or … Both Rigid Core SPC and WPC flooring are considered by experts to be among the top flooring types in the industry today. Contain plasticizers. Weston Oak. Are you looking for the perfect vinyl flooring to complete your home design? Get Instant Results. Flexible vinyl floors . Structurally, the WPC core contains an added foaming agent to increase resilience and comfort. Select a Color Stratford Oak. SPC rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is typically comprised of 4 layers. This gives the SPC vinyl floor a more sturdy feel under foot. WPC flooring contains wood plastic composite, while SPC contains stone plastic composite. Noise Reduction and Insulation Sound and thermal insulation are two benefits that come with purchasing a quality product with a core, a backing and a wear layer, such as what you get with luxury vinyl plank flooring. There are other types of luxury vinyl flooring that are not made with a core of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and … In some circumstances, you or your installer may prefer to use a full-spread adhesive, but it's not required. Plank Thickness – Most WPC vinyl floors will be thicker than a standard SPC vinyl. Lumber Liquidators' best house brand for luxury vinyl plank flooring is CoreLuxe Ultra 7 mm. the better your floor will hold up. Below we will outline the main similarities and differences of WPC vs SPC vinyl flooring. $75.32 /case. Comfort Under Foot – Due to the construction of the rigid cores, the WPC vinyl will be softer on the foot than an SPC vinyl. Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring (WPC) Planks simply snap … SPC rigid core luxury vinyl flooring contains four layers: SPC Rigid Core flooring and WPC are impressively waterproof. Below is a general comparison to the types of vinyl flooring on the market. Start a chat with one of our flooring experts in the box on this page and get a fast answer to your vinyl flooring installation questions. Weston Oak. Application – Like most vinyl flooring options, WPC and SPC vinyl can be installed below, on and above grade. Rigid core luxury vinyl is a glueless format with a click locking installation system. The boards are rigid planks with a joint system that clicks together like laminate, but they are constructed from a water-resistant vinyl composite material that gives them the “install it anywhere” flexibility of vinyl flooring. Rigid core luxury vinyl planks and tiles measure 6-millimeters or less in thickness. * *Can vary between manufacturers. Going back to the core construction, an SPC vinyl’s stone make up and dense structure makes it less susceptible to movement than a WPC vinyl option. Find WPC and SPC vinyls with a variety of decors, styles, colors and textures. WPC vinyl flooring usually ranges from 5mm to 8mm, while and SPC vinyl will stay The life-proof planks are also waterproof and serve as a fail-proof flooring solution for open floor plan designs. WPC and SPC vinyl flooring have a tongue and groove construction that clicks together with no need for glues or nails. The WPC is 100% waterproof but may expand and contract with changes in humidity. WPC vinyl flooring usually ranges from 5mm to 8mm, while and SPC vinyl will stay around 4mm to 6mm. Questions & Answers. Powered by Shopify, A printed vinyl layer that comes in endless designs and emulates other types of flooring, A wear layer that protects the flooring from damage, SPC Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring vs. WPC Flooring, Can withstand temperatures between -20 and 120 degrees, Order Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring from E Hardwoods & Flooring, To find out more about our products or order your flooring, check out our. Rigid core floors are ideal for busy hallways and anywhere with heavy foot traffic. Rigid core's construction is similar to vinyl tile or luxury vinyl — a wear layer, image layer, resilient core and attached underlayment. Manufacturers now engineer ultra-thin, super-durable options. Price –  Typically, a SPC vinyl will be more affordable than a WPC vinyl. Our Sale Price. Rigid core vinyl flooring is a new category of vinyl flooring that has a specialized core for added stability and durability. WPC vinyls use a foaming agent within the core to give it added cushion. It describes the ultra-tough core of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. Temperature Fluctuations – If you’re dealing with drastic temperature fluctuations, such as a cabin that is unheated in the winter, an SPC vinyl will have superior performance over a WPC vinyl. The subfloor must still be perfectly flat, otherwise you will see the linings of the subfloor through it. 19 reviews. Designed by Out of the Sandbox. Have questions? Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, © 2020 E Hardwoods & Flooring. SPC Rigid Core is less susceptible to this than WPC flooring due to its, well, rigid core. You’ll find options from 8-millimeters all the way to 25-millimeters. SPC rigid core luxury vinyl flooring contains four layers: A backing plank layer; A solid, waterproof core; A printed vinyl layer that comes in endless designs and emulates other types of flooring; A wear layer that protects the flooring from damage; SPC Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring vs. WPC Flooring Structure. Rigid core flooring, also known as vinyl composite core, combines the best features of both laminate and luxury vinyl. The main differences lie within the construction of the planks. Rigid core vinyl has the same level of resilience as concrete flooring, which makes it one of the most durable and waterproof vinyl flooring options today. The WPC vinyl is dent resistant, however, it is a softer floor construction that will not be as resilient. Different features, such as attached underlayments or special wear layers will vary the prices. February 18, 2019 Floating planks often have a rigid core that adds body and some insulation value, which is why click-lock planks are also known as luxury vinyl planks. The SPC stone composite is sturdier and easier to maintain than the wood plastic composite. Rigid core's construction is similar to vinyl tile or luxury vinyl — a wear layer, image layer, resilient core and attached underlayment. Know your installation options. Two types of rigid core luxury vinyl are Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) and Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). Lumber Liquidators calls its rigid core vinyl plank engineered vinyl plank (EVP). SPC Core: This is the main attraction!SPC flooring contains a solid, waterproof WPC core. With so many different types of vinyl flooring on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one will be best for your project and needs. When installed on an existing tile floor, you will for example see the underlying joints over time. MSRP. The stone plastic composite makes the core layer virtually indestructible, maintaining its form even on top of uneven subfloors. When it comes to rigid core construction, WPC and SPC vinyl floors are very similar.


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