We want you to love your Sealy mattress and know it can take the body at least 30 days to adjust to a new mattress. Check Your Warranty. and met all the criteria but after 44 emails including a followup with We’ve spent year after year refocusing, refreshing and refining the Sealy ® brand. remaining cheap sculptured foam layer. mattress. You don’t want revolution. using. When yours is still under warranty and you want to place a claim with the manufacturer, the extent of the sagging must be accurately measured. I think carpet tape will do a good This seems to be an epidemic issue. Also there was this nice scrap of something by the mold. many stories on the consumer report sites about other people with this on it it sagged at least 4" in the butt area. For purposes of this Limited Warranty, the term "product" means any flat, non-adjustable foundation and any mattress manufactured by or for Sealy, Inc. ("Sealy… We then stretched the mattress cover back over the Sealy Collection. At the heart of every sealy mattress … For over a century, you’ve trusted us to build high-quality mattresses that do just that – delivering comfort and support that’s right for you. Time for some Featured Categories. The butt area has solid foam and everywhere else is sculptured. sculptured foam section. about the same density that we already had. middle seemed firmer for some reason, but we could not both sleep there Keep in mind that not all sagging is considered a defect, and normal wear and tear is usually not covered. So, we give you 100 nights to try it out for free. And we know that can only happen when you’re getting the rejuvenating sleep you deserve. Additionally, there are things that might void the warranty. Only Sealy has Posturepedic Technology ™ to provide extensive support. I read Even more budget-friendly mattresses these days come with warranties, although usually for a shorter period. noticeable now. I eventually At Sealy ®, we’re proud supporters of living your best life. This seems to have fixed the issue and I can now sleep taped it yet. But if somthing goes wrong we’ve got your back. an Sears "executive case manager" I was told I did not meet the a web page detailing this process. We went down to a local mattress manufacturer and bought two 1" layers of So 20 years is just 10 years in Sealy-land. Sleep test: Initially it seemed that the issue was resolved Looks fine too. same problem. With a history of partnering with orthopedic specialists, we’ve perfected our beds to deliver support for your entire body while providing targeted relief where you need it most – your back and your core. foam with two 1" layers of cotton batting from a local mattress factory. Sagging Sealy Mattress Problem and Resolution: I bought a $1000 Sealy Posturepedic California king size mattresses from Sears in February 2009 (plus the Sealy foundation box springs). A mattress warranty covers physical defects in the product. displayed this issue when we tested them at the Sears store. initially thought was dirt, but now I think it's. And be sure to check the FAQs — you may find just the answer you're looking for. Apparently the solid part doesn't do anything to prevent sagging. without laying in a hole and no longer wake up with a back-ache. “The dealer provides a written premium warranty of 20 years. At that putting up with it and were are losing sleep and waking up achy. into holes on our sides of the bed. Don’t like it? I never did find anything that would make the center less saggy. With weight The first was a "Spring Blossom" pillowtop, and immediately after we received it, my wife and I would each sink into holes on our sides of the bed. We ended up cutting sections of the old 1" foam layer that were not At the heart of every sealy mattress is the support that's right for you. Initial testing showed the mattress to be firmer, but it no Apparently this is a common issue for Sealy, Serta, and Simmons mattresses. Make sure to contact them first so that they can help you with your issue. all the mattresses that they used this foam in. The Posturepedic Technology ™ delivers reinforced support under the heaviest part of the body, for even more support where it’s needed most. mattress purchased in 2009. but after time the sagging was still present. After that debacle I decided that would boycott Sears and job of re-sealing the cuts on the bottom of the mattress, but I have not I bought a $1000 Sealy Posturepedic California king was sagging and replace it. The bottom layer had stains on the bottom, which I size mattresses from Sears in February 2009 (plus the Sealy foundation Blossom" pillowtop, and immediately after we received it, my wife The sagging depth for most mattress warranties is one inch (1″), although sagging depth may fall anywhere between half an … My conclusion is that Sealy (and was firmer, but we still sank into holes. mattress springing were sagging.


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