The switch is not marked with specific frequencies or amounts (dB) of cut. Significant upgrades incorporated into the MD 421 II include a metal inner chassis for better weight distribution and, with the contour-fitted bass roll-off control, a shorter, sleeker housing. The cardioid directional characteristic of the MD 421 with its front-to-back ratio of approximately 18 dB is an important feature making the microphone suitable for use in sound reinforcement systems and all situations where it has to be used near loudspeakers. The Mk. Servicing is also easier with the new design, since individual components can be more easily replaced and self-sealing acoustic connections mean that adhesives and sealing compounds are no longer required. 200 ohms. II edition. Two versions of the MD 421-U are available: MD 421-U-4 with adapter for 3/8-inch threads and MD 421-U-5 with adapter for 5/8-inch x 27G threads. Each individual frequency plot has to fall within the published limits of the standard per­form­ance curve. Watch Queue Queue Each microphone is custom calibrated and delivered with its own per­form­ance chart which may be com­pared with the published standard per­form­ance plot printed in this leaflet. II” edition was created in 2002. As can be seen from the polar diagram, the MD 421 should therefore be spoken into directly from the front. Hugh Robjohns of SoundOnSound researched the difference. These two features make the MD 421 II extremely versatile with all types of guitar rigs. ... A five-position bass roll-off switch gives you impressive power to sculpt the frequency response and helps you manage proximity effect when close-miking your amplifier. Low z. ... Sennheiser MZS421 Shock Mount for 421 Microphone Descriptions The sennheiser mzs421 shock mount can be used along or alongout the mic container that's included along the 421 mic. The “flat” position is marked M for Music; the other extreme is marked “S” for Speech, and cuts the low end by approximately 6dB below 500 Hz. Sennheiser MD 421 II. The MD-421 had to provide studio-quality frequency response (30 Hz to 17 kHz) and be able to be manufactured in relatively large quantities. Hinton Instruments offers Tuchel-to-XLR cables. From the diagram showing the influence of the roll-off filter, it can be seen that in position M (music), the frequency response curve is not altered in any way. (2 mV/Pa; 30 - 17,000 Hz), MD 421-U-4 - has adapter for 3/8-inch threads, MD 421-U-5 - has adapter for 5/8-inch x 27G threads. Professionell wird es nach wie vor von Journalisten und bei der Produktion aller Musikgenres verwendet. Its high sensitivity and slight increase in response towards high frequencies are responsible for its brilliant sound. Great for speech and vocals both in the studio and on stage. MZW 421 foam windshield Cat. Das Sennheiser MD 421 ist ein weitverbreitetes dynamisches Tauchspulenmikrofon in Studioqualität mit nierenförmiger Richtcharakteristik, dessen Wandler seit 1960 unverändert produziert wird. The “flat” position is marked M for Music; the other extreme is marked “S” for Speech, and cuts the low … Nominal Impedance. If this effect is not desired it is possible to counteract or compensate for it by means of a roll-off filter. All you have to do is google the spec sheet and look at the frequency response graph. With the acoustic components now enclosed in the inner chassis the mic is less sensitive to dust and humidity. MD 421 microphone pdf manual download. Due to its sonic qualities, it can be used in various recording situations and in all areas of sound transmission technology.


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