We estimate that 2-4% of the global population can experience this phenomenon under certain conditions. ", "Report: Windsor Hum Likely From Zug Island "Blast Furnace Operations, "Infamous 'Windsor Hum' finally dies down as U.S. Steel idles", "Question of noise: Couple blame electrical substation for medical issues", "Myrtle Beach area couple's suit says Santee Cooper substation caused medical issues", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpeKot2X_O8, "Expert has the answer to Woodland village hums", "In Taos, Researchers Can Hum It, but They Can't Name That Sound", "Seattle 'Hum' May Be Due To Midshipman Fish That Produce Sound For Mating", "Humming Toadfish Are the Buzz of Sausalito", "West Seattle's now-famous 'Hum': Apparently NOT a fish's fault", "Mystery hum keeping people awake may be love-making fish", "Southampton Water mystery droning prompts more moaning", "Minutes of a meeting of the New Forest Environmental Protection Liaison Committee", "Spooky! [14], Three hums have been linked to mechanical sources. [4] It seems to be possible for hearers to move away from it, with one hearer of the Taos Hum reporting its range was 30 miles (48 km). The noise, now popularly termed the ‘Windsor Hum’, is commonly described as either a deep, low-frequency hum, like a furnace or an idling diesel truck or as a deep, pulsating and vibrating noise, which is perceived more as a sensation rather than an audible sound. Dr. MacPherson can be reached at glen.macpherson@gmail.com. [33] As of February 2014, the source had not been located, although the sound has now been recorded.[34]. The sound, always peaking between 30 and 40 Hz, was found to only be heard during cool weather with a light breeze, and often early in the morning. [1], Geoff Leventhall, a noise and vibration expert, has suggested cognitive behavioral therapy may be effective in helping those affected. [3][6] Age does appear to be a factor, with middle aged people being more likely to hear it. This may be a type of otoacoustic phenomenon generated internally in the brain and auditory organs, through mechanisms which are not yet fully understood, but for which this project tries to find answers and possible remedies. They created a weird humming sound and some of the signals detected in November of that year had a duration of up to 20 minutes. Humming Sound by: Another Susan The White Noise app (£1.49) does help mask the humming sound. A case of "hum" in a house, reported in the Daily Telegraph's 'Letters from Readers' on 18 January 2018, proved to be a wasps' nest in a hollow wall. Use your voice to instantly connect to your favorite music, and to a community of people that share your musical interests. Due to the large volume of emails received, not everybody will receive a timely or full reply. A Maddening Sound Is the Hum, a mysterious noise heard around the world, science or mass delusion? One local couple sued the power company for the disruption the hum was causing them. There are many other websites and forums for those interested in such things. Still trying out different volumes so that it settles into the background rather than being too prominent. Tried Heavy Rain for a few days - that was quite good, but have settled on Brown Noise with the pitch set to the lowest setting. The Hum does not appear to be a single phenomenon. Some sufferers report that it is made worse by soundproofing (e.g., double glazing), which serves only to decrease other environmental noise, thus making the Hum more apparent. Most people find this website because they are disturbed by an unusual unidentified low-frequency sound that scientists now call the Worldwide Hum. The sound is like a low frequency hum of a propeller driven airplane that oscillates between a louder and a softer hum. The Hum, a steady, droning sound that's heard in places as disparate as Taos, New Mexico, Bristol, England, and Largs, Scotland, affects only a small percentage of the population in those areas. The typical characteristics of the World Hum are that it follows sufferers wherever they go, and that other people in the same place and time cannot hear it. [13] After those devices were corrected, however, reports of the hum persisted. His research focuses on using psychology and relaxation techniques to minimise distress, which can lead to a quieting or even removal of the noise. It is typically perceived louder at night than during the day, and louder indoors than outdoors. This is not a place for pseudoscience or conspiracy theories. The West Seattle Hum was traced to a vacuum pump used by CalPortland to offload cargo from ships. [19], One hum in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was suspected of originating at a Santee Cooper substation almost 2 miles away from the home of a couple who first reported it. [2], One of the many possible causes of the West Seattle Hum considered was that it was related to the midshipman fish, also known as a toadfish. Tracking down enviromental noises with your smartphone, (Please Read this Before Submitting Your Data). [25], Human ears generate their own noises, called spontaneous otoacoustic emissions (SOAE). [36], BBC Radio 4 in the UK featured an investigation of the Hum phenomena in their Punt PI fact-based comedy programme. The noise has been talked about worldwide and also made local newspaper headlines in the UK. Sue Taylor first started hearing it at night in 2009. Some people notice the Hum only at home, while others hear it everywhere they go. [8][9] His previous research using simulated sounds had indicated that the hum was around 56 hertz. Another group of sufferers have exceptionally sensitive hearing (hyperacusis) and pick up actual environmental noises, which other people either cannot hear or are not bothered by. Different causes have been attributed, including local mechanical sources, often from industrial plants, as well as manifestations of tinnitus or other biological auditory effects. [22], A suggested diagnosis of tinnitus, a self-reported disturbance of the auditory system, is used by some physicians in response to complaints about the Hum.


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