No examples of, * To analyse whether the textbook criticizes, a decontextualized, socially neutral view of, relationships are not proposed throughout, * To verify whether the acid–base behaviour, of substances is emphasized previous to the, 3. einer auf berufliche Anforderungen ausgerichteten Definition professioneller Kompetenz von Lehrpersonen haben 849 zukünftige Mathematiklehrkräfte der Sekundarstufe I an einem Test zu ihrem mathematischen, mathematikdidaktischen und erziehungswissenschaftlich-pädagogischen Wissen teilgenommen. preted by two researchers in order to test that their interpretation coincides. An example of this view is a juxtaposition of the, macroscopic and microscopic model. mentioned empiricist view, as the problems of the theory are not considered. These results are completed by questions (vii) and (viii) of the interview. The strong basic characteristics of aqueous solutions of calcium and sodium, oxides are explained by the production of OH, Page 4 Thursday, June 2, 2005 5:19 AM, the corresponding hydroxides that they form. For example, this theory is only valid for neutralizations that occur in, neutralization process occurs in the gas phase or between oxides at a high tempera-, ture, this theory cannot explain these processes. Nevertheless, there are chemistry textbooks that introduce various historical models, without explaining their attributes, and differences, overlapping them and creating, hybrid models, such as Justi and Gilbert (2000) have shown in the cases of the, In the case of acid–base reactions, a lot of textbooks follow a plan based on the, presentation of various historical models (macroscopic, Arrhenius and Brönsted–, Lowry), which correspond chronologically with the historical evolution of this, knowledge. The small size of the H, this tiny particle is placed in water, it can only exist if it is associated with water, molecules as a hydrated proton, in the form of ions such as H, Nevertheless, the existence of problems in a theory, from an epistemological point, of view, is a necessary condition but not enough justification for it to be substituted, In 1923 Brönsted and Lowry independently suggested a new theory, which, explained the concepts of the acid, base and the acid–base reaction. This Module describes the Arrhenius, Brønsted-Lowry, and Lewis theories of acids and bases, and explains the relationships between them. acid–base reactions in high-school and university teaching? Mineral acids began to be obtained in the twelfth, Page 3 Thursday, June 2, 2005 5:19 AM, century when technological advances in distillation were available. 2002, Hewson et al. This definition is similar to the definition proposed by Brönsted in his 1923, article when defines an acid as a substance that can give off hydrogen ions (de Vos. As Guilbert and Meloche (1993) suggest, A better understanding by teachers of the ways of the construction of scientific knowl-. 1995, Lyons et al. tionship between the economy of a country and its industrial production of acids, bases and derivative products (e.g. The relative acid–base behaviour of substances is, generalized since molecules or ions can behave either as a Brönsted acid or as a, Brönsted base. Darüber hinaus wurden ihre berufsbezogenen Überzeugungen erfasst und sie wurden zu ihren Lerngelegenheiten in der Lehrerausbildung befragt. Do textbooks and teachers present a non-problematic view of the hydrolysis of salts? which is related to a non-problematic view of science. The majority of teachers interviewed (13 out of 16) and 40% of textbooks do not, explain the problems that the Arrhenius theory present and how the new theory, Page 12 Thursday, June 2, 2005 5:19 AM, (Brönsted) could solve them. (1998). This study consists of a categorisation of the vocabulary of chemistry, An analysis of the way that the curriculum for 14-16 year olds and typical textbooks in Brazil and the UK treat historical models of the atom is given. (1990). This aim is, a prerequisite to search for the causal explanations based on more complex theoretical, Explaining neutralization according to the Arrhenius theory, It is known that, in 1884, Arrhenius presented his doctoral thesis divided into two, parts. (1997). The teaching process must aim to demonstrate the social character of scientific, development, not only by showing that the research is carried out by teams in insti-, tutionalized structures of investigation (Kuhn 1971, Sutton 1998), but that their, work is developed in the society in which they are inserted. In our opinion, chemistry teaching should question a socially ‘neutral’ view of. focusing on the terminological difficulties student face when learning These concepts can be, changed or reformulated when the theory is changed. groups of words have been considered: technical (i.e. press releases and reviews, provided that you acknowledge its prior publication in the journal. It, was the eighteenth century when the alkalis were called bases and neutralization was. Please also return a copy of the, State Fernández et al. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. 1997, McComas et al. textbooks analysed present a non-problematic approach. Interview about the teaching of acid-base reactions to grade 12 chemistry teachers, All figure content in this area was uploaded by Jenaro Guisasola, All content in this area was uploaded by Jenaro Guisasola on Nov 28, 2017, International Journal of Science Education, ISSN 0950-0693 (print)/ISSN 1464-5289 (online)/05/000001–22, Carlos Furió-Más, María Luisa Calatayud, Jenaro Guisasola, [e-mail:], Departament de Didàctica de les Ciències Experimentals i. Socials, Universitat de València, Spain; I.E.S. with respect to social problems (Fernández et al. First, the main macroscopic and microscopic conceptual models are, developed. This result shows that acid–base behaviour has not been. If not, empiricist–inductivist, non-theoretical view of chemistry, view arises when the neutral observation of phenomena is enhanced as a starting, point for the construction of scientific knowledge and the theoretical paradigm, assumed by the scientific community to explain events is minimized (Fernández. In this section we present what distorted views of chemistry can emerge and how, this happens, when the topic of acid–base reactions is taught. By addressing questions related to the creation of a new university course, the design of the course syllabus, and the transformation of the syllabus into instruction, we hope to make our craft knowledge more accessible to others who create such courses. (1996), High school textbooks of Chemistry analyzed, ALONSO, P., CEBEIRA, R. & GARCIA, M.J. (1999), CAAMAÑO, A., OBACH D. & SERVENT, A. The quality of students' explanations for why a single co- occurrence cannot be used to infer a causal link improved over the period of the study.


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