So, this refers to the possible suspects that the police are on the lookout for. Given the nature of these kinds of posts, they tend to quickly make the internet rounds, resulting in more and more people using the term — but do they actually know what it means? Although this term was used as a warning signal at first, it has become popular in Southern U.S. culture, especially in Atlanta, Georgia. Who Is David Mack? According to Urban Dictionary, ‘f**k 12’ means ‘f**k the police’. But, what is that they say about “doing it with the best of intentions?”, FACT CHECK: Kwik Trip Launches “Kwik Strip” Gentlemen’s Clubs, FACT CHECK: Burisma Admitted to Paying Bribe to Joe Biden. For example, in a Rap song by Migos, you will hear them says "throw that shit, throw that shit 12 outside." Here's What You Do, John Goodman Attributes Weight Loss to a Complete Lifestyle Change, Not Surgery, Here's Why "Subscribed" Comes up on Snapchat Instead of "Add Friend", Pete Davidson Was Raised Catholic, but His Father Is of Jewish Ancestry. Yet another theory says that “12” comes from the numbers 911 adding up to 12. According to sources, the slang term “12” comes from “10-12,” which is a radio code often used on police scanners. Police are called 12 as a slang term.According to sources, 12 comes from the police radio code “10-12,” which means that visitors are present in the area where police are going. All things considered, it seems as though the show Adam-12 is the most likely origin point for using the term “12” to refer to police officers. FACT CHECK: Is “Text RBG to 50409” a Scam? So, civilians have taken this code and applied it reversely. Where Is Carlos Carrascosa Now? But ... they add up to 11, so that one is out. The slang 12 is most used by drug smugglers to warn their clients or fellow peddlers of approaching police officers. What does it mean? Another theory states that “12” refers specifically to narcotics officers (not all cops in general). The 12 slang derives from Adam-12, a TV series which ran from 1968 to 1975.. They never imagined that the term would be twisted around and used perversely to warn criminals of police out to bust them. The most popular etymology (albeit a rather strange one) says that the “12” nickname originates from Adam-12, a show about cops that ran from 1968 to 1974. Is He Steve Kornacki’s Husband? This is the most commonly used definition and the one most used across social media over the past week. The codes were originally developed in 1937 to allow for brevity, clarity, and standardization of messages transmitted over radio channels. It’s similar to a warning to police that they might have company when they arrive on the scene. Finally, the last theory we came across references the initialism “ACAB,” which stands for “All Cops Are B-----ds.” Sometimes, people use “1312” instead of the letters ACAB (using 1 to represent A, 3 to represent C, and 2 to represent B). We are talking about the police in the United States and the various slang terms that are used to call them. Adam-12 was a television police drama series about a police duo in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) as they patrolled the streets in their patrol unit, “1-Adam-12.” The series showed a typical day in the lives of police officers as realistically as possible without fluffing it up. There was a TV show called Adam-12 in America during the late 1960s and early 1970s that made this term a bit popular. Rosemary Scapicchio Wiki: Facts about Sean Ellis’ Lawyer. The main evidence people give for this origin is Migos’ song, “F--k 12,” which contains the lyrics, “Aye throw that s--t, throw that s--t, 12 outside.” Basically saying to throw drugs outside in order to not be caught by the DEA. Here's What Those "ACAB" Videos on TikTok Are All About, TikTok Users Are Changing Their Profile Pictures for a Very Good Reason, "Central Park Karen" Fired After Video of her Calling Police on Black Man Goes Viral, Want to Add a Private Story Link on Snapchat? For every Tweet and video that refers to police officers as “12,” there are almost as many from people asking why “12” means “the police.” No single source appears to agree on the answer, but there are a few explanations that people seem to have settled on, and one explanation that seems the most likely. Odds are you’ve come across several Tweets, videos, and other posts on social media referring to police officers in recent weeks. Police officers are called 12 when their presence is communicated to wrong-doers by their friends. The more you know! This code means that “visitors” are present in the area so discretion is advised, referring to possible suspects that the police have their eye on. The abbreviation DEA refers to The Drug Enforcement Administration. Now they say “12” so that they can warn their colleagues or friends that the police have arrived or are on their way. It means that “visitors” are present in the area where the police are going, so discretion is advised on their part. As you scroll through them, you may notice that many people refer to the cops as “12.” Generally, the “12” is preceded by something that makes it very clear that the person making the post really doesn’t like the police, to put it lightly (e.g., “f--k 12”). “12” is a slang that is being used to warn people indulging in illegal activity of police presence. The lyrics mean … 12 (Police Slang) 12 is a slang term used to refer to the police or any other law enforcement agencies. We will tell you why the police are called “12,” right here. To clarify, 12 is not the cops, not the police. 12 is the narcotics officers that show up at your door, or the drug task force in other words the DEA (Drug enforcement Administration). The show follows two cops as they ride the streets in Lon Angeles in their patrol unit, 1-Adam-12. Why are the police called “12?” Is it some kind of secret code? But another name that is gaining popularity, especially among people dealing drugs, is “12.”. Why Is Courtney Webb Leaving QVC? If you ask Urban Dictionary, many folks have different definitions for the slang term and where it originated. Why are police called “12”? Is Miles Killebrew Related to Harmon Killebrew? Police Radio 10-Codes. Although it may seem weird for modern-day slang to reference a 50+-year-old television show, this is similar to where we get the term “5-0” (or “five-oh”) — that term is a reference to Hawaii 5-0, another cop show from around the same era. Even though a large portion of the people using “12” to speak about cops probably haven’t seen (or heard of!)


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