Give guests something to nibble on following your vows. Individual desserts such as cookies, petit fours, A selection of sliced breads, bread sticks, or rolls, Attractive fruit trays with chocolate, cheesecake, or whipped topping dips, Fondue stations or chocolate fountains for dipping, Deli trays with assorted meats and cheeses, Small snacks such as pillow mints, chocolate candies, or nuts, Wings with a hot buffalo glaze or barbeque sauce, Mini quiches, stuffed mushrooms, or vegetable rolls, Assorted cheese and cracker trays with mustards or other sauces, Dainty tea sandwiches, such as cucumber or chicken salad. After all, finger foods are often inexpensive, easy to prepare yourself and allow for a broad range of flavors and styles. Stuffed celery is an easy and healthy snack that can be made with dairy products or dairy alternatives, making it a great finger food to have at your wedding reception. While a traditional buffet is a great idea for finger foods, you can add more interest to your reception area by setting up stations. Guests will appreciate the variety of food to choose from and the ease with which it can be eaten. Arrange foods attractively by varying color contrasts and types of food as well as the patterns different foods make on their individual trays. Eggs are traditionally a breakfast food, making deviled eggs an especially great fit for day-time weddings any season of the year. Why wasn't this page useful? Catering a wedding where you or your guests have strict eating habits can sometimes be difficult. Vary the heights of dishes with a multi-level display. Delicious and simple finger foods are a great way to keep your guests feeling good before all of the action of the wedding begins. Start Slideshow 1 of 17. This is done by grouping similar foods together on one table and then using another table for other foods. When you first begin planning which foods to serve at your wedding, your first thought may be to find foods that are easy to eat and widely loved. Garnish individual dishes as well as the table as a whole for a coordinated look. Traditionally, most weddings have a subtle theme that ties the flowers, tablecloth, and decorations all together. The type of finger food you provide at your wedding reception … Consider these decorating tips: A wedding finger food reception can be delicious, economical, and beautiful all at once. Choose edible centerpieces such as chocolate or ice sculptures, frozen punch bowls, and carved fruits for even more elegance. Here are 8 of the best easy finger food ideas to serve at your wedding reception. You and your fiancé have been planning for this day for months… You’ve figured out how to best organize your seating chart, you’ve decided on the best DJ, and hopefully, you remembered that many of your guests are going to show up hungry! But before anyone can walk down the aisle, the soon-to-be newlyweds have lots of decisions to make, from colors of dresses to flowers on the table. Furthermore, offering both classic comfort foods and more exotic gourmet treats gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy their favorite food as well as sample new dishes. One of the most common wedding day mistakes that couples do is to not take the time to eat during their wedding. All Rights Reserved. Wedding Finger Food Reception Ideas Finger foods for a wedding is a great way to feed a large number of guests. Choosing your reception food is tricky because you have to consider a balance between easy-to-eat food that won’t distract from friendly greetings, and appetizers that are enjoyable and delicious! Spread these out throughout the reception so guests can mingle as they move from station to station. Parmesan toast is a great food to grab as you continue socializing with your guests. Crowd-pleasing wedding reception finger foods for your celebration. Email. Facebook Tweet. If fitting, you may consider finding a vegetarian or vegan caterer. Although you may not know it, there's a whole world of finger foods besides chicken fingers and french fries. Although you will probably feel too excited to eat much, it’s important to get some food in you to keep your energy up and your body feeling good! © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. Any wedding menu should have dishes that taste good together, and a finger food reception is no exception. With a wide range of dishes to choose from as well as many options for display and luxury, a couple can enjoy a complete menu of finger foods to celebrate their union without condemning their budget with an elaborate gourmet meal. Strawberry Bruschetta is a bite-sized food that brings together fruit, cheese, and tomatoes to create an incredible citrus savory flavor that your guests are sure to remember! Best finger foods you should consider including in your wedding reception menu. With a wide range of dishes to choose from as well as many options for display and luxury, a couple can enjoy a complete menu of finger foods to celebrate their union without condemning their budget with an elaborate gourmet meal. Choose more expensive linens, cutlery, and serving dishes for a more elegant appearance. One of the easiest ways to cut down on your wedding food budget is to serve inexpensive finger foods for the wedding reception. Hire Best Limo Service for a Grand Bachelorette Party: Bitcoin Gift Card – A Unique and Lasting Gift. Individual shrimp cocktails are a perfect addition to a classy wedding, and are also a perfect fit for so many formal and old-timey themes! All Rights Reserved. Tags: appetizersFoodwedding foodWedding Reception, 2017. Sometimes, all you… Stephen Johnson. That’s why vegetable shooters are the perfect snack for your reception. If they have a larger number of guests or prefer more exotic hors d'oeuvres, a caterer may be the best option. Couples can discreetly print "finger food reception to follow" or "hors d'oeuvres reception to follow" on their invitations so guests will know what to expect. More. Many finger foods can be easily prepared, and couples may wish to save money by creating the reception food themselves. There are many ways to choose what your reception food will be. Sometimes, all you need is to take a well-liked food and add a little twist to it in order to have an outstanding wedding menu. For example, you may have a station for appetizers or sliced meats, cheeses, and crackers, another station for sliders and meats, a salad station, and a dessert station. planning which foods to serve at your wedding, including a dessert at your wedding reception, Wedding Reception Ideas Everyone Will Enjoy, 10 Perfect Songs For Your Father-Daughter Dance, 11 Wedding Games & Activities That Your Guests Will Love, Wedding Guests | What You Should Know About Choosing An Outfit. 10 Key Tips for Social Distancing at Thanksgiving, How Not to Spread Germs During the Holidays (Easy Tips), Holiday Travel Tips for Safe & Stress-Free Traveling, 23 Creative Thanksgiving Family Traditions. A wedding finger food reception can be delicious, economical, and beautiful all at once.


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