Are you interested in business but unsure whether the administrator's role is for you? For example, the International Facility Management Association offers a competency-based professional certification program for administrative services managers. What does a Computer Systems Administrator do? Clearly written job descriptions attract the best talent. Administrator jobs: variety and opportunity. Top executives may complete a certification program through the Institute of Certified Professional Managers to earn the Certified Manager (CM) credential. As a school business administrator, your responsibilities include monitoring and developing budgets, contracting services with vendors, and performing various administrative duties. Or if you’re ready to hire, post your job on Indeed. Graduates with an associate's degree in business qualify for entry level careers, including basic management and administrative roles in private, public and nonprofit organizations. Since this is a managerial role, candidates are likely to have years of experience in departments like general operations, administration, finance and accounting or human resources. In a small business, you might literally be everything from receptionist and secretary to office manager and IT support. You'll have the option to work across industries as a business analyst, human resources generalist, operations manager or marketing specialist. First of all, you'll need more than a high school diploma to land a job in business administration. Administration refers to activities that deal with organizing and managin… The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' current Occupational Outlook Handbook places employment of administrative services managers at 10 percent through 2026, just higher than all occupations. Executives and administrators work in every industry, from one-person businesses to firms with thousands of employees. Handle business finances and plan the budget with the help of finance and accounting leaders and … Others may have a bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to their industry, such as in engineering or health care sciences. Customize this template to write a job description for your Business Administrator opening. Salary may depend on the level of education, experience and geographical location. Certification also can help those seeking advancement or can give job seekers a competitive edge. With a bachelor's under your belt, you'll qualify for a variety of business roles right out of school. Business administrators are often the individuals who grew the company, often they relinquish their positions and chair on executive boards. So let’s take a bit of a dive into what they do, how they do it and how you can get into the same thing. Depending on the type of business field you enter, there may be additional certifications to earn. They work to improve products and services, implement new technologies to increase workplace productivity and analyze financial and sales reports. Business Administration programs are designed to enable you to hit the ground running in a variety of different careers. Although not mandatory, certification can show management competency and potential leadership skills. There are quite a lot of people who will study business as they enter the private sector, and it is important they understand all the things they will … Earning a bachelor's will advance your knowledge with skills of organizational leadership, managing people and strategic planning. Business Administrators handle the operational, organizational, and managerial responsibilities of a company. A computer systems administrator is the first-point-of-contact for an organization’s network users when they experience technical problems. Some may have experience in multiple or all of these departments or even other departments not listed. Those who wish to gain further education can pursue the Doctor of Business Administration, which takes three to six years to complete. Oversee a company’s finances and budget. Receivings from customer. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018-19 Occupational Outlook Handbook, Top Executives. Also, if a business does not get its invoicing correct, it not only looks unprofessional but might upset customers. Verifing the invoice to customers against the service given, 3. In this program, you will take classes that include technical and professional writing, macro and microeconomics, American government and public affairs, data-driven decision making, financial statement analysis, organizational behavior principles and business policies … Some typical arenas for work include general management, hospitality management, office administration, operations management, retail management and sales management. These skills and qualifications can include: A Business Administrator earns an average of $44,739 per year. In business, day-to-day operations are as important as long-term plans for the future. There's incredible room for growth in the field. Many people choose to continue their education by earning a Master in Business Administration (MBA), a highly respected advanced degree that indicates a commitment to leading in the field. Plus, skills you acquire in one capacity will translate into others as your career path evolves. *Indeed provides this information as a courtesy to users of this site. Business administration is a wide field that incorporates many types of management positions. What does an office administrator do? Business administration is a common degree among college students, and it is the study of how a business is managed. Supply Chain Manager Career: How Does It Differ from an…, Public Administration Programs and Careers, International Facility Management Association, Establish and carry out departmental or organizational goals, policies and procedures, Direct and oversee an organization's financial and budgetary activities, Manage general activities related to making products and providing services, Innovate by applying new technologies in the workplace, Consult with other executives, staff and board members about operations, Negotiate or approve contracts and agreements, Analyze financial statements, sales reports and other performance indicators, Identify places to cut costs and to improve performance, policies and programs. A business administrator presides over the daily operations of an organization that is created to provide goods or services to others. A business administrator oversees a business and its operations. Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed.


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