, 1 Comment, December 28, 2017 That’s why large branches should always be removed in manageable sections — a foot or so at a time. to decay. When we prune in winter, it doesn’t cause new growth until spring, at which time the tree has access to the moisture, sunlight and nutrients it needs to support healthy growth. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? A tree’s normal reaction to pruning is to stimulate new growth and to close the wound made by the pruning cut. , No Comment, January 6, 2018 , Jecinta Morgan Trees are living creatures too that needs care and protection. Why is Cutting Down Trees bad for the environment? How can the city stop the removal of this beautiful tree that also adds property value , reduces electric costs due to shade and provides outdoor shade above this sitting area. Leaving a stub maintains an open pathway a free path to move down through the branches. Trees are living things too. The forest actually accounts for 30 percent of earth’s land. As trees get cut down, the burning of fossil fuels required to operate wood-cutting machinery and large transportation vehicles further exacerbates the pollution. Trees help in providing the oxygen that people and animals use to breathe in as it plays a vital role in the carbon dioxide-oxygen exchange in the environment. Changing temperatures can alter which organisms can survive in … https://www.angieslist.com/articles/5-reasons-you-shouldnt- cutting of trees deprive the birds from their shelter and disturbs the natural food chain, as the primary producers in the chain become deficit so it directly effect the animal. Large scale tree cutting can lead to deforestation, a transformation of an area from forest to terrain with little vegetation. , Dr. Howard Fields, No Comment, January 2, 2018 Why Topping Hurts Trees Learn why topping is not an acceptable pruning technique and discover recommended alternatives. Trees are the longest and largest living organisms on earth. Around 70 percent of the world’s flora and fauna lives in forests. In addition to causing soil erosion, deforestation also results in larger amounts of greenhouse gases reaching the atmosphere because trees cannot absorb carbon dioxide once they’re cut down. In certain parts of Southeast Asia, deforestation has led to migration and social conflicts. Cutting down trees also disrupts the water cycle, because tree roots normally ground the water and release it into the atmosphere. Trees normally mitigate the effects of air pollution caused by the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Let me show you other facts about cutting down trees below: Facts about Cutting down Trees 1: why people cut down the trees. trees creates cold and humid atmosphere required for rain. , No Comment, December 26, 2017 Help us improve. Please rate this article: Similarities Between Humans and Chimpanzees, Similarities Between Traditional Curriculum and Progressive Curriculum, Similarities Between Hypothesis and Theory. , Dr. Howard Fields, No Comment, January 4, 2018 The balance of water cycle, river flow and precipitation degrades without trees. Topping is cutting branches back to stubs or lateral branches not large enough to sustain the remaining branch. Why Does Cutting Through the Bark of a Tree Often Kill the Tree?. Its fruits are a good source of food while its roots and leaves are widely used in the study of medicine. , Dr. Howard Fields But most of all, the wood of the trees are valuable in building houses, paper, furniture, musical instruments, transportation and even creating fire. These are just few of the many reasons why trees are important in the survival of animals and humans. Cutting down trees is very common to spot in the tropical rainforest. By Staff Writer Last Updated Mar 31, 2020 3:37:34 AM ET Cutting down trees severely affects the habitats of forest-dwelling flora and fauna, which can eventually lead to extinction of vulnerable species. Trees help in providing the oxygen that people and animals use to breathe in as it plays a vital role in the carbon dioxide-oxygen exchange in the environment. to decay. Above all these, cutting down of trees is a way of destroying the source of food and homes of indigenous people that are living in the forest, as well as endangering the lives of many other living organisms (and micro-organisms) that highly depends on trees which drives them to their extinction. In general, trees benefit the environment more than people can imagine. Through soil erosion, water sources, such as lakes and rivers, get polluted by silt, which decreases the quality of water and leads to health-related problems and a lack of drinkable water.


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