Many customers are surprised to learn that most of these Zero VOC paints still have an odor. But in this booming eco-friendly market, the vast amount of information on VOCs can be overwhelming. A better understanding of the reasons why low VOC paints are generally perceived as more difficult to apply than traditional paints will highlight the importance of modifying application techniques and application equipment in order to achieve the desired appearance, finish and outcome. There a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when you use low VOC paint in your home as discussed below: 1. VOC levels in paint systems are categorized as follows: >250gm/L is a very high; 100 – 249 gm/L is high; 50 – 99 gm/L is moderate; 5 – 49 gm/L low <5gm/L is very low Often times when meeting with customers and looking at jobs I am asked Zero VOCs about using low VOC/zero VOC paints. PAINT VOCS—WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS NEED TO KNOW Low and zero-VOC paints are becoming increasingly popular as a green alternative for homeowners. Traditional painting materials and processes have had harmful effects on the environment, including those from the use … Ultra-low-VOC products have VOC content that's below 50 g/L. The environmental impact of paint is diverse. Low VOC Paint and Why You Should Use It Painting your home with low VOC paints is absolutely crucial these days. Assessing VOC Levels in Paint/Coatings. [Image Insert Place Holder] Solvents tend to be either oil-based (high VOC content) or water-based (low or no VOC content). Low VOC and “green paints” seem to be the catchphrases these days when looking for healthier paint. Some are better than others, while some smell worse than full-fledged oil paint. Low VOC paints are safe for expectant mothers and children. Benefits of Using Low VOC Paints. Low-VOC … Cleaner Air. In the chemical industry, low VOC is used to describe a product with VOC content at or below 150 g/L. As a result they are formulating away from elevated VOC content and focusing instead on systems with low to no emissions. When you use paint that has lower levels of volatile compounds, the quality of your indoor air is significantly improved. Low-VOC or zero-VOC paints typically contain VOC content of less than 5 grams per liter. Why Use Low-VOC Paints? Why Low VOC Paints? Not only are they durable and long-lasting, but they are much less harmful to both you and the environment than normal, VOC containing paints. Why using low volatile organic compound (VOC paints) help the environment?


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