the act of winding or twisting Ex: he put the key in the old clock and gave it a good wind Verb: to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course Ex: the river winds through the hills wrap or coil around Ex: roll your hair around your finger extend in curves and turns Ex: The road winds around the lake Weekly car videos that let the cars speak for themselves. If you felt happy while seeing the road in your dream, it means you’re ready to walk … The winding road sign is a warning sign. Drivers encountering a winding road sign must be prepared to slow down as the sign designates a section of curved road ahead. The long and winding road is a metaphor for someone's life. Winding definition is - material (such as wire) wound or coiled about an object (such as an armature); also : a single turn of the wound material. The road is a symbol of self-realization, adventure, life journey and directions you must follow to succeed. Enjoy our popular classic French wines: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and our Tribute, a blend of four carefully selected red varietals in our beautiful tasting room. Winding road signs are used in situations where there are three or more curves in the road where each curve is separated by a tangent distance of less than 600 feet. Comprehensive Racer Guides + The Guide to Road Racing -- How to get started, where to race, what car to run, how to improve + Auto Racing Gear Guides -- Reviews and awards for the best helmets, suits, safety gear, data systems and performance parts. The road in a dream has a spiritual meaning related to the your life path in reality. Winding Road Cellars is a winery nestled in the countryside of Markham, Virginia offering award-winning hand crafted Virginia wines. That life always leads back to the door of this other person, and they will always be connected to us somehow -- no matter what. Winding road definition: A road is a long piece of hard ground which is built between two places so that people... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples From parts for your CARS to tools and eqipment for in the PIT/GARAGE, all at competitive prices. The winding road represents all the challenges we deal with in our lives, but the comfort is "the door" that we can always count on. Many of our videos feature no music and no talking, just the experience from the driver's seat. Winding Road is the 1st opening theme of the 1st season of the anime series Golden Kamuy, performed by Japanese rock band MAN WITH A MISSION. Shop a huge selection of everything motor sports and race car DRIVERS could possibly need to go racing. When needed, we offer customized driver’s education that is designed to support the independence and vocational opportunities of students whose needs may not be met by traditional resources and/or training methods. Top-Rated Articles + The Thrill of Racing: The Possibility of Death Is Not the Thing How to use winding in a sentence. Winding Road Driving Academy is dedicated to providing quality education services to all students.


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